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Olivia Jade Goes on Tour with Sephora – See Photos!

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Popular Youtuber Olivia Jade recently went on a weekend tour with Sephora, along with two other beauty ambassadors. The tour kicked off in Houston, TX on June 15, and in Austin, TX June 16.

Olivia Jade, Faye Claire and Sayria Jade on the Sephora Collection Tour

Olivia, Faye, and Sayria for Sephora Collection’s Tour. Photo Credit: IG @ SC.


Olivia, along with Faye Claire and Sayria Jade (pictured above) met up with their fans and viewers at the two Sephora locations. People purchased some makeup, got to meet the vloggers and of course, took tons of photos!

Olivia took the time to thank her fans for coming to the meetups in a super-sweet Instagram! Check it out below!

All of the vloggers took photos at the event and even posted some with fans on their own Instagrams! Click through the photo gallery for more!


SEPHORA TOUR PHOTOS – June 15 & 16, 2018

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