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MTV’s “Siesta Key” is Back for Season 2 in January 2019– Trailer Inside!

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“A lot of love, a lot of heartbreak, a lot of friendships, and drama. More than ever.”

Those are the words straight from Madisson Hausburg about season 2 of Siesta Key. Yes, you guys read that right: Siesta Key is officially back for a second season! According to the cast’s Facebook Live, season 2 blows season 1 out of the water. As Juliette said: “It’s high emotion…nothing’s safe when we all get back together.”

Kelsey and Garrett are both in new relationships, but can they survive their rocky past? And what about Brandon and Madisson? They have both moved on too, but it can’t always be that easy. Will Madisson and her new beau, Ben, make it work? Or will it get more complicated? Of course, we can’t forget about last season’s “troublemaker” Canvas: she’s focusing on mending her relationship with her mom, while also working through her feelings for a friend.

In addition to more drama, there are also more “characters.” Two new cast members have joined the show this season: Cara and Jared. From the trailer, it looks like Jared and Alex used to be rivals, but Cara also has a past with Alex:  she’s his ex! Uh-oh. With her return, it begs the question: did he or didn’t he? As in, did Alex cheat on Juliette (again) or is Chloe twisting the story like last time? Course she says it best: “Secrets are never safe in Siesta Key.” Guess we’ll have to wait till next month for the truth to unfold!

In the meantime, check out the full trailer below!

Watch the season 2 premiere of Siesta Key when it premieres with back to back episodes JANUARY 22 AT 9PM ON MTV!