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Mother is Not Happy Her Daughter is Using the Same Textbook as Blake Shelton

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7-year old Oklahoma elementary school student, Marley just received a brand “new” textbook with a very special celebrity name inside.  

Who?  None other than “The Voice” judge and country artist, Blake Shelton!

Blake Shelton

THE VOICE — “Knockout Rounds” — Pictured: Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


Her daughter was thrilled but mom did not feel the same way.  While Shelly Parker has no ill feelings towards Shelton, there’s another reason for her upset.

Shelly is a former high school math teacher and is quoted as saying this issue is “so personal on so many levels.

She comes from a family of educators and is upset with the system for never raising taxes and “dumbing down our education.

Parker posted a photo of her daughter with a huge smile on her face holding her “new” school book, “Look Away” on her Facebook page.  

It was quoted as saying,”Marley is EXCITED that her ‘new’ reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!!,” she wrote in the post. “I’m 40 and these people are my age!!! Thank you to every teacher/parent/support staffer/etc. for fighting for my kids education!!! Don’t give up until education is FULLY FUNDED!!!!

Parker admits her strong feelings on this issue has caused her to lose friends.  However, she just wants a better and brighter future for her daughter, Marley.

Her message went viral on Facebook, with over 10k interactions.