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‘Miss America 2019’ Meet Isabel, Taylor, Grace, MacKenzie & The Rest of the Candidates!

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51 beautiful candidates will be vying for the coveted ‘Miss America 2019‘ crown tonight on ABC.

Are you ready to meet the 2019 candidates for Miss America? See below:

Miss Alabama 2018 – Callie Regan Walker

Callie Regan Walker - Miss Alabama 2019

Callie Regan Walker – Miss Alabama 2019


Callie Regan Walker is Miss Alabama 2018!  Callie attended the University of Alabama, majoring in Musical Theatre.  Hoping to follow in her sister’s footsteps and launch a career on the Broadway stage.


Miss Alaska 2018 – Courtney Anne Schuman

Courtney Anne Schuman - Miss Alaska 2019

Courtney Anne Schuman – Miss Alaska 2019


Courtney Anne Schuman is Miss Alaska 2018!  Courtney attended the University of Alaska Anchorage majoring in environment and society.  She has a passion for exploring the great outdoors.

Miss Arizona 2018 – Isabel Ticlo

Isabel Ticlo - Miss Arizona 2019

Isabel Ticlo – Miss Arizona 2019


Isabel Ticlo, 24, is Miss Arizona 2018!  Isabel attended Arizona State University with a major in marketing and a minor in communications and dance.  She volunteers with the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Isabel Ticlo is of half-Thai and half-Indian heritage.


Miss Arkansas 2018 – Claudia Elizabeth Raffo

Claudia Elizabeth Raffo - Miss Arkansas 2019

Claudia Elizabeth Raffo – Miss Arkansas 2019


Claudia Elizabeth Raffo, 22, is Miss Arkansas 2018!  Claudia attended Arkansas State University studying chemistry.  She is forever grateful to the Miss America.  The organization funded her undergraduate degree at Arkansas State University and allows her to pursue a doctorate of pharmacy almost completely debt free.

Miss California 2018 – MacKenzie Freed

MacKenzie Freed - Miss California 2019

MacKenzie Freed – Miss California 2018


MacKenzie Freed, 23, is Miss California 2018!  MacKenzie went to college at  California Baptist University, studying philosophy and communication.   She is an avid skiier and a Disney enthusiast.

Freed is quoted as saying, “I remember finishing my first Miss America local competition and feeling like I had finally found where I belong.


Miss Colorado 2018 – Ellery Jones

Ellery Jones - Miss Colorado 2019

Ellery Jones – Miss Colorado 2018


Ellery Jones, 21, is Miss Colorado 2018!  She attended Harvard University studying neurobiology.

Jones is passionate about college campus safety.  She says “Miss America has empowered her to “start community conversations about sexual harassment and assault in order to make college campuses safe environments for everyone to grow and achieve!


Miss Connecticut 2018 – Bridget Mary Oei

Bridget Oei - Miss Connecticut 2019

Bridget Oei – Miss Connecticut 2018


Bridget Oei is Miss Connecticut 2018!  She attended the University of Connecticut, majoring in environmental chemistry.  Bridget graduated magna cum laude and is planning to continue on to medical school.

Miss Delaware 2018 – Joanna Wicks

Joanna Wicks - Miss Delaware 2019

Joanna Wicks – Miss Delaware 2018


Joanna Wicks is Miss Delaware 2018!  Joanna attended the University of Delaware, majoring in visual communications.  She is passionate about ending domestic violence abuse, working closely with “The Beauty Shop Project.”

In her free time, she enjoys zumba, painting, and spending time outside.

Miss District of Columbia 2018 – Allison Kathleen Farris

Allison Farris - Miss Washington DC 2019

Allison Farris – Miss Washington DC 2018


Allison Farris is Miss Washington DC 2018!  Allison attended The University of Alabama, studying Science Enterprise Integration.

Ms. Farris is passionate about inspiring young girls to break into STEM careers, usually dominated by males.

Miss Florida 2018 – Taylor Tyson

Taylor Tyson - Miss Florida 2019

Taylor Tyson – Miss Florida 2018


Taylor Tyson is Miss Florida 2018!  Ms. Tyson attended Florida Atlantic University, majoring in political science.  Taylor is classically trained in piano since the impressionable age of only 4 years old.

Miss Georgia 2018 – Annie Jorgensen

Annie Jorgensen - Miss Georgia 2019

Annie Jorgensen – Miss Georgia 2018


Annie Jorgensen is Miss Georgia 2018!  Annie studied at the University of Georgia, majoring in journalism.  She is a big believer in positive thinking.  Her goal is for all people to respond to any challenge by saying, “I got this!”

Miss Hawaii 2018 – Penelope Emily Domaloan Ng Pack

Penelope Ng Pack - Miss Hawaii 2019

Penelope Ng Pack – Miss Hawaii 2018


Penelope Ng Pack is Miss Hawaii 2018!  She received her BS in Business Administration: Integrated Marketing Communications & Digital Strategy from American University.

Penelope has traveled all over!  Her professional background took her from LA to DC to NYC and London.

Miss Idaho 2018 – Nina Forest

Nina Forest - Miss Idaho 2019

Nina Forest – Miss Idaho 2018


Nina Forest is Miss Idaho 2018! She is currently studying at the University of California Davis where she is majoring in international relations.  She plans to attend law school after graduating.

Miss Illinois 2018 – Grace Khachaturian

Grace Khachaturian - Miss Illinois 2019

Grace Khachaturian – Miss Illinois 2018


Grace Khachaturian is Miss Illinois 2018!  She studied at the University of Illinois, obtaining her degree in journalism.  Grace has performed on stages all over the world including New Zealand where she won an international dance competition.

Miss Indiana 2018 – Lydia Suzan Tremaine

Lydia Tremaine - Miss Indiana 2019

Lydia Tremaine – Miss Indiana 2018


Lydia Tremaine is Miss Indiana 2018!  She studied education at Western Governors University.  Tremaine said, ” It is my passion to fight to keep the arts alive in schools to help students, just like me, find their voices.

Miss Iowa 2018 – Mikhayla Hughes Shaw

Mikhayla Hughes Shaw - Miss Iowa 2019

Mikhayla Hughes Shaw – Miss Iowa 2018


Mikhayla Hughes Shaw is Miss Iowa 2018!  Mikhayla attended the University of Iowa, studying Journalism and Mass Communications.

Miss Kansas 2018 – Hannah Leigh Klaassen

Hannah Klaassen - Miss Kansas 2019

Hannah Klaassen – Miss Kansas 2018


Hannah Klaassen is Miss Kansas 2018!  Hannah attended Tabor College and studied psychology.  She also became an advocate for people with mental illnesses after experiencing panic attacks.

Miss Kentucky 2018 – Katie Bouchard

Katie Bouchard - Miss Kentucky 2019

Katie Bouchard – Miss Kentucky 2018


Katie Bouchard is Miss Kentucky 2018!  She attended Western Kentucky University majoring in social work.  Katie works with children and families to provide clothing, food, parenting classes, and medical referrals.

Miss Louisiana 2018 – Holli Conway

Holli Conway - Miss Louisana 2019

Holli Conway – Miss Louisana 2018


Holli Conway is Miss Louisiana 2018!  She attended Northwestern State University, receiving her BS in Theatre with concentration in Musical Theatre.  Holli grew up in Monroe, Louisiana with a very athletic and driven family.

Miss Maine 2018 – Olivia Mayo

Olivia Mayo - Miss Maine 2019

Olivia Mayo – Miss Maine 2018


Olivia Mayo is Miss Maine 2018!  Olivia attended University of Southern Maine majoring in communications/media studies.   She is thankful for the values that she has learned from her small community.

Miss Maryland 2018 – Adrianna David

Adrianna David - Miss Maryland 2019

Adrianna David – Miss Maryland 2018


Adrianna David is Miss Maryland 2018!  She attended the University of Maryland studying Communications Studies and Theater.  Adrianna raised over $450,000 for The Kidney Project which is developing a bioartifical kidney to replace dialysis, in honor of her cousin.

Miss Massachusetts 2018 – Gabriela Taveras

Gabriela Taveras - Miss Massachusetts 2019

Gabriela Taveras – Miss Massachusetts 2018


Gabriela Taveras is Miss Massachusetts 2018!  Taveras attended Emmanuel College studying biology with a concentration in neuroscience.  She said, “My social impact statement is F.E.A.R.-Face Everything and Rise.

Miss Michigan 2018 – Emily Sioma

Emily Sioma - Miss Michigan 2019

Emily Sioma – Miss Michigan 2018


Emily Sioma is Miss Michigan 2018!  She attended University of Michigan studying women’s studies.  In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, sewing, and playing with her Aussie, Violet.

Miss Minnesota 2018 – Michaelene Karlen

Michaelene Karlen - Miss Minnesota 2019

Michaelene Karlen – Miss Minnesota 2018


Michaelene Karlen is Miss Minnesota 2018!  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Fordham University.  Karlen is a founder of skincare company, Ballerina Botanicals and founder of her own non for profit, Raise the Barre.

Miss Mississippi 2018 – Asya Branch

Asya Branch - Miss Mississippi 2019

Asya Branch – Miss Mississippi 2018


Asya Branch is Miss Mississippi 2018!  She studied integrated marketing communications at the University of Mississippi.  Due to her own experiences, Asya is passionate about helping children find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and fulfill their greatest potential.

Miss Missouri 2018 – Katelyn Lewis

Kateylyn Lewis - Miss Missouri 2019

Katelyn Lewis – Miss Missouri 2018


Katelyn Lewis is Miss Missouri 2018!  Katelyn studied accounting at Missouri Baptist University.  She created a website of resources for parents and children to create a positive online brand.

Miss Montana 2018 – Laura Haller

Laura Haller - Miss Montana 2019

Laura Haller – Miss Montana 2018


Laura Haller is Miss Montana 2018!  She studied health/medical services at Boise State University.  Laura traveled to over 30 countries as a professional dancer on a luxury cruise line.

Miss Nebraska 2018 – Jessica Shultis

Jessica Shultis - Miss Nebraska 2019

Jessica Shultis – Miss Nebraska 2018


Jessica Shultis is Miss Nebraska 2018!  She attended University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received an MA in management.  After getting diagnosed with cancer, Jessica created Hoops for H.O.P.E. from her love of basketball.

Miss Nevada 2018 – Alexis Hilts

Alexis Hilts - Miss Nevada 2019

Alexis Hilts – Miss Nevada 2018


Alexis Hilts is Miss Nevada 2018!  Alexis studied Pre-professional Biology and Political Science at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  She created “More than a Princess,” which is a program to encourage others to pursue careers in STEM.

Miss New Hampshire 2018 – Marisa Moorhouse

Marisa Moorhouse - Miss New Hampshire 2019

Marisa Moorhouse – Miss New Hampshire 2018


Marisa Moorhouse is Miss New Hampshire 2018!  She studied Aviation operations & managment at Southern NH University.  Marisa has a huge passion for the arts and has been dancing since age 11.

Miss New Jersey 2018 – Jaime Gialloreto

Jaime Gialloreto - Miss New Jersey 2019

Jaime Gialloreto – Miss New Jersey 2018


Jaime Gialloreto is Miss New Jersey 2018!  She studied communications at Loyola University Maryland.  Jaime’s platform is “Don’t Get Nutty: Food Allergy Awareness” in regards to her younger brother who lives with food allergies.

Miss New Mexico 2018 – Ashley Alyssa Fresquez

Ashley Alyssa Fresquez - Miss New Mexico 2019

Ashley Alyssa Fresquez – Miss New Mexico 2018


Ashley Fresquez is Miss New Mexico 2018!  She is currently studying communications at The University of New Mexico.  Her social impact is “Life is Why”: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease.

Miss New York 2018 – Nia Imani Franklin

Nia Imani Franklin - Miss New York 2019

Nia Imani Franklin – Miss New York 2018


Nia Imani Franklin is Miss New York 2018!  Nia studied music composition at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  Music is a huge part of her life, composing her first song at age 6.

Miss North Carolina 2018 – Laura Matrazzo

Laura Matrazzo - Miss North Carolina 2019

Laura Matrazzo – Miss North Carolina 2018


Laura Matrazzo is Miss North Carolina 2018!  Matrazzo earned her BS in Marketing from Clemson University.  She is an advocate of financial literacy.

Miss North Dakota 2018 – Katie Olson

Katie Olson - Miss North Dakota 2019

Katie Olson – Miss North Dakota 2018


Katie Olson is Miss North Dakota 2018!  She studied elementary education at North Dakota State University.  Katie believes in living every day to the fullest.  She said, “Every opportunity is a blessing and I always want to put my best foot forward.

Miss Ohio 2018 – Matti Lynn Chrisman

Matti Lynn Chrisman - Miss Ohio 2019

Matti Lynn Chrisman – Miss Ohio 2018


Matti Chrisman is Miss Ohio 2018!  She graduated with a Musical Theatre degree from Kent University.

Miss Oklahoma 2018 – Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson - Miss Oklahoma 2019

Ashley Thompson – Miss Oklahoma 2018


Ashley Thompson is Miss Oklahoma 2018!  She studied at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies.  Ashley hopes to be Oklahoma’s seventh Miss America.

Miss Oregon 2018 – Taylor Ballard

Taylor Ballard - Miss Oregon 2019

Taylor Ballard – Miss Oregon 2018


Taylor Ballard is Miss Oregon 2018!  She studied Bachelor of Science in Communications at Portland State University.  Taylor was quoted saying, “be a better person every day, to treat others with the utmost respect and know that everyone has a story.”

Miss Pennsylvania 2018 – Kayla Repasky

Kayla Repasky - Miss Pensylvania 2019

Kayla Repasky – Miss Pensylvania 2018


Kayla Repasky is Miss Pensylvania 2018!  She studied nursing at the University of Alabama.  She devised educational programs to teach students how to use technology responsibly.

Miss Rhode Island 2018 – Alexandra Coppa

Alexandra Coppa - Miss Rhode Island 2019

Alexandra Coppa – Miss Rhode Island 2018


Alexandra Coppa, 22, is Miss Rhode Island 2018!  She studied neuroscience at Brown University.  She plans on becoming a neuropsychiatrist, specializing in eating disorders.

Miss South Carolina 2018 – Davia Bunch

Davia Bunch - Miss South Carolina 2019

Davia Bunch – Miss South Carolina 2018


David Bunch is Miss South Carolina 2018!  She studied political science at the University of South Carolina.

Miss South Dakota 2018 – Carrie Wintle

Carrie Wintle - Miss South Dakota 2019

Carrie Wintle – Miss South Dakota 2018


Carrie Wintle is Miss South Dakota 2018!  Her college major was Master in Accountancy from Vanderbilt University.  She authored a children’s book called “Mr. Money $heep” on financial literacy.

Miss Tennessee 2018 – Christine Williamson

Christine Williamson - Miss Tennessee 2019

Christine Williamson – Miss Tennessee 2018


Christine Williamson is Miss Tennessee 2018!  She studied Master of Business Administration and Business Analytics Certification from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga College of Business.  Christine is a big advocate for Alzheimer’s.

Miss Texas 2018 – Madison Fuller

Madison Fuller - Miss Texas 2019

Madison Fuller – Miss Texas 2018


Madison Fuller is Miss Texas 2018!  She studied communications at Texas A&M University.  Madison currently teaches kindergarten.

Miss Utah 2018 – Jesse Craig

Jesse Craig - Miss Utah 2019

Jesse Craig – Miss Utah 2018


Jesse Craig is Miss Utah 2018!  She studied Economics and English at the University of Utah.  Jesse is the oldest of 5 siblings.  She learned how to play four instruments, the violin being her favorite.

Miss Vermont 2018 – Julia Crane

Julia Crane - Miss Vermont 2019

Julia Crane – Miss Vermont 2018


Julia Crane, 23, is Miss Vermont 2018!  She studied public health at University of Vermont Graduate College.  Julia gained the confidence to achieve her academic dreams.

Miss Virginia 2018 – Emili McPhail

Emili McPhail - Miss Virginia 2019

Emili McPhail – Miss Virginia 2018


Emili McPhail is Miss Virginia 2018!  She studied Communication Studies at Hollins University.  Emili hopes to inspire people to be of service to their community.

Miss Washington 2018 – Danamarie McNicole

Danamarie McNicole - Miss Washington 2019

Danamarie McNicole – Miss Washington 2018


Danamarie McNicole is Miss Washington 2018!  She attended Gonzaga University majoring in Broadcast and Electronic Media.  Danamarie jumped into her career as a TV News Reporter in Spokane, Washington.

Miss West Virginia 2018 – Madeline Collins

Madeline Collins - Miss West Virginia 2019

Madeline Collins – Miss West Virginia 2018


Madeline Collins is Miss West Virginia 2018!  Collins studied at Columbia University Graduate School, majoring in social work.  She is a professional dancer with more than 20 years of training and worked at the Walt Disney Corporation.

Miss Wisconsin 2018 – Tianna Vanderhei

Tianna Vanderhei - Miss Wisconsin 2019

Tianna Vanderhei – Miss Wisconsin 2018


Tianna Vanderhei is Miss Wisconsin 2018!  She attended University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  Tianna began dancing at 5 years old and is trained in tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe.

Miss Wyoming 2018 – Beck Bridger

Beck Bridger - Miss Wyoming 2019

Beck Bridger – Miss Wyoming 2018 | Photo credit: Yachin Parham


Beck Bridger is Miss Wyoming 2018!  She studied at Sheridan Community College.  Beck said, “The Miss America Organization has allowed me to evolve into a woman who not only knows who she is and where she comes from but also where she is going.


Miss America 2019 will be hosted by dancer, Carrie Ann Inaba (DWTS).

Tune into Miss America 2019 on ABC Sunday, September 9th at 9pm EST.


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