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Megan Morrison Gets Confronted on ‘The Arrangement’ on April 8th

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Cheating rumors are swirling around on E!’s “The Arrangement” between Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and new co-star Xavier Hughes (Ruffis Prentiss). 

Two couples, Kyle (Josh Henderson) and Megan plus Nasim and Xavier meet up on the beach.  The guys go off to play some ball while the girls take a walk to catch up with each other.

The friendly vibe between them quickly comes to a halt when Nasim turns to Megan and says, “what is funny is how full of s— you are.” 

Nasim is believing the cheating rumors between Megan and her boyfriend, Xavier. She has it out with Megan to stop playing dumb but Megan continuously denies it.

See the sneak peek of Nasim confronting Megan on the beach in Episode 5 “You Are Not Alone”


When Megan tries to put a stop to the cheating rumors, her PR people are having none of it.  They want her name in the spotlight.  

Watch the clip of Megan with her management below from Episode 5 “You Are Not Alone”


The Arrangement – Season 2 – Episode 5 Photos

Tune into The Arrangement on Sunday, April 8th at 9pm ET/PT on E!

*You can watch it live online as well through your TV provider!