Dillon James from American Idol

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Meet Dillon James, the ‘American Idol’ Contestant with the Torso Tattoo

Dillon James, the Post Malone of country music auditions for American Idol on March 1st. Check out his torso tattoo and more.

Dillon James has been touted the Post Malone of country music.

The construction worker entered the ‘American Idol‘ audition stage for his chance at being the next American Idol on March 1st.

Katy Perry exclaimed “omg” when he pulled up his shirt. Why? His whole torso is covered in tattoos that represent various things in his life.

Dillion James from American Idol
Dillon James on American Idol (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Once he starts singing and playing the guitar, we think the judges know it’s an easy yes to a ticket straight to Hollywood!

At the beginning of December, he posted a behind the scenes photo from his American Idol audition with this caption. “Well well well, TUNE IN to American Idol on February 16th to see how my audition went w Luke Bryan ,Katy Perry and Lionel Richie! There was Psycho amounts of talent in all forms, but aye I went totally out of my comfort zone to try something new! Remember we can always push our limits and to not be held back by our fears, but to be different and be you. Ill be posting more soon! Namaste”

Sometimes dreams really do come true! Dillion wrote that he just never thought this experience would happen to him. “I NEVER WOULDA thought in a million years I’d Be singing in front of @katyperry @lionelrichie @lukebryan on @americanidol!”

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RANT ALERT LOL let me start off by saying. I NEVER WOULDA thought in a million years I’d Be singing in front of @katyperry @lionelrichie @lukebryan on @americanidol ! As many of my close family and friends know, as well as many don’t, I have had a very brutal last couple years fighting drugs and alcohol, I definitely realize through this almost 7 year journey “I’m” really nothing special and have problems just like everyone else, I’m only human like we all are. But Nothing in life no matter how good or bad, will last forever.but learning from my own mistakes over and over, losing my best friend, Finding myself alone sleeping on the streets multiple times with wrecked family life and nothing going for me or to look forward too, i had nothing but time to learn to meditate to help progress my dreams of being happy again, To have my family again. To be me again. I saw that with perseverance and dedication anything is possible if I could invision it and justTrust the process. ??I’m so close to two years sober and I can truly say I love all you guys!! if you’re feeling alone you’re not!!! We are all one.?namaste friends, never been a preacher but if I even only help one person who was in my shoes by the mistakes I’ve made, then I’m truly blessed. Peep American idol this Sunday to see my journey if I made it or not to Hollywood! One love?‍♂️?

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Tune in to see Dillion James audition on ‘American Idol’ Sunday, March 1st at 8pm EST on ABC.


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