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Marna Michele from ‘American Idol’ is an Inspiration to All of Us

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Marna Michele from American Idol

Get ready to meet Marna Michele on ‘American Idol.’

This special lady is certainly an inspiration to us all. She is 27 years old from Costa Mesa with a unique disability called arthrogryposis.

“My muscles are basically too weak for my body and my joints are really stiff, “she explains. “I can move and feel but I just cannot walk,” she continued.

Marna Michele as a child
Marna Michele on American Idol

However, she is 100% not letting it get her down. “I would not change it for the world, I love my disability,” Marna confessed. Where does her drive come from? She wants to be an inspiration to all the other little boys and girls living with this. Marna wants to represent this disability in a world that doesn’t recognize it.

According to Instagram, Marna is flying high! Not only did she get to audition her beautiful voice in front of the celebrity judges but she also found her one true love. “I used to fantasize about a love like ours. I used to cry into my ice cream “why does no one return my love”?! I used to wonder is it because I’m ugly? Or fat? Or crippled? It was none of those things, it was because I was meant for you. We were meant to end up together and if any of those other “loves” had worked out then this magic we have wouldn’t exist. #baegoals”

We just love her confidence and energy! To see the judges react to Marna’s audition, you have to tune into American Idol on ABC Sunday night at 8pm EST.


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