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Mark Steines’s Baby Girl Brings Smiles to His Face Amidst “Home & Family” Controversy

Mark Steines has surely been making a lot of headlines lately ever since the news of his departure as co-host of “Home & Family” went public.

On Friday after ‘Home & Family‘ aired with Debbie giving remarks about Mark’s absence, his wife Julie made a post that brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Mark and Julie have an adorable baby girl together, Park Rose in addition to his two teenage sons from a previous marriage.

Julie captured a precious and happy moment of father and daughter in the swimming pool looking relaxed with a big smile on both of their faces!

The caption read, “Amidst a flurry of news & emotion today, with her brothers playing guitar alongside the pool, Parker said her first word: Dada


This was a huge moment for the parents as little Parker Rose said her first word and it happened to be “dada.”  Too cute!

We are sure that’s helped lift Mark’s spirits.