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Mariah Carey Celebrates Her Birthday with a New Song – Details Inside!

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Mariah Carey

Happy Birthday Mariah Carey! The legendary icon celebrated her 50th birthday today, and what better gift to give to herself (and to her fans!) than the announcement that she’s recording a brand new song? Keep reading below for more details on what she’s been working on!

So, what’s the deal with this new track?

Mariah took to her Instagram to tell her millions of followers that she “started off 3/27 with a new song.” She posted the fresh-faced selfie to her account, complete with a recording studio set-up in her home! She’s really making the most of this #StayAtHome time – which we’re sure her fans are happy about.

The track would be Mariah’s first new release since her 2018 album Caution; and is coming on the heels of her holiday song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

While she didn’t release details on her new song, she did indulge her fans in a “bracket challenge” of her old music! You can see which one she picked as the winner from “Mimi Madness” courtesy of Access Hollywood’s Instagram:

Anything else to know?

While she doesn’t call it a birthday, she did still use the party emojis in a tweet she sent out late last night, as she celebrated 3/27 at 3:27AM. You can see the fun tweet below:

As for why she calls it an “anniversary?” Die-hard Mariah fans (also known as “lambs”) know that the singer hasn’t acknowledged concepts like aging or time all throughout her career, which leaves it a little bit of a mystery. Hence the “Happy Anniversary” as opposed to a traditional “Happy Birthday.”

Something else super special that’s happening for Mariah today? Her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, took to his social media to teach an awesome dance routine to one of Mariah’s songs in celebration for her birthday! He encouraged all her fans and his followers to follow along and post their own routines under the: #AlwaysBeMyBabyChallenge. How sweet is that? You can check it out below:

Happy Anniversary, Mariah. We’re super excited for the new song and wish you another great year ahead! Be sure you’re following her on Instagram and Twitter (both are @MariahCarey) for more on her everyday life.


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