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Madison Reveals Major Secret to Peter on The Bachelor

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Madison Prewett and Peter Weber from The Bachelor

If you haven’t been watching ABC’s The Bachelor regularly, now’s the time you may want to start. It’s down to the final 3 women for Peter Weber aka: “Pilot Pete” to decide between.

The three left are: Hannah Ann, Madison, and Victoria F. Their next big moment will occur in their fantasy suites, where each girl has a chance to truly connect with Peter. But, there’s one girl that has a secret which could impact that special time.

E!’s Pop of the Morning revealed that Madison is saving herself for marriage. They speculated as to why she’s waiting – is it really about her wanting to wait for true love? If so, could it impact her chances at getting that top spot?

It would definitely be a difference Peter would notice when the time comes, but maybe it would be a nice surprise. It’s definitely refreshing to have that perspective, especially in the chaotic world of reality TV.

E!’s Pop of the Morning co-host Scott Tweedie commented on how he thinks Peter may take the news. “Maybe she’s the type of girl Peter needs in his life. They’ll spend a night in the suite and it doesn’t happen and he likes that, thinks wow this is a new type of girl,” he said.

Perhaps Madison telling Peter the truth will bring them closer together. They had a great time on their hometown date (you can see a couple photos above), but will it be enough to compete with the spectacular dates Victoria F. and Hannah Ann have planned for Peter?

According to ABC, romantic beach getaways and exciting helicopter rides are in the cards for the women next week as they travel to Australia. The question is: who will win Peter over in the end?

You can check out the full video clip from E! below and decide for yourself:

Be sure to watch all the drama unfold when The Bachelor airs Monday at 8 PM on ABC.


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