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Luke Bryan Praises DeShawn Goncalves ‘This is Your Best Performance’ About ‘Feeling Good’ on American Idol

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DeShawn Goncalves on American Idol

The Top 16 has been announced on ‘American Idol’ for season 19. When the contestants are called, they must get up and sing one of their prepared songs. When DeShawn Goncalves got in, he sat down at the piano for an amazing rendition of ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone.

The judges loved the performance he gave. It was energetic and captivating – and everyone got chills when he hit that note at the end of the song.

The Judges React to DeShawn’s “Feeling Good”

Lionel Richie was the first judge to critic DeShawn saying, “It’s very clear you own the piano,” complimenting his skills tickling the ivories.

Next was popstar Katy Perry. “Something happened within a week’s span. If you continue with this confidence, just bring out the personality. That note at the end, there’s no mistakes.  It was the next level for you,” she praised.

Luke Bryan was last to give his comments. “This time when I was watching you I said this is his best performance,” the 44 year old country singer exclaimed.

Fans React to DeShawn

The judges weren’t the only ones loving DeShawn’s performance of Feeling Good. It definitely moved the home audience as well, who will ultimately decide who is their next American Idol. Twitter sounded off! One user commented, “Deshawn Goncalves singing “Feeling Good” had me in shambles. #americanidol

Another implied that the performance had them tearing up!

Another Twitter user commented, “DeShawn Goncalves and your a cappella intro and your sparkly shoes, I see you! (And I hear you!) Did not get this guy last week – or any week prior – but “Feeling Good” was wild and explosive and a little bit dangerous. Onward, sir!

Watch or re-watch DeShawn Goncalves’s performance of “Feeling Good” below

Tune into ‘American Idol’ on Sundays and Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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