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Lori Loughlin on ‘Fuller House’ Season 3 Set in an “All New Wake Up San Francisco”

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The ‘Fuller House‘ cast is in the midst of shooting live studio audience episodes for season 3.

Lori Loughlin aka ‘Aunt Becky’ joined her castmates on the set today!  Since Aunt Becky is not a series regular in the Netflix reboot, it’s always a treat to see her spots on the new episodes.

Lori Loughlin 2018

Lori Loughlin 2018 | Instagram / Lori Loughlin


Lori looked fabulous as she took to Instagram to let her fans know that she was back at “1882 Gerard.”

You can see the backstage area as Lori films herself as she walks to what she calls “the new and improved Wake Up San Francisco.”  If you were a loyal ‘Full House’ viewer, you remember this as Becky and Danny’s talk show.

Watch a video of Lori backstage at Fuller House

Just a few days ago, Lori tried taking a selfie with her ‘Fuller House‘ co-stars, Jodie Sweetin and one of the Messitt Twins (who plays DJ’s youngest).

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