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Kristy from ‘Labor of Love’ Answers Your Burning Questions Including Who Was the Best Kisser and If She Would Give Anyone a Second Chance

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Kristy with Kyle on Labor of Love

FOX’s first season of Labor of Love is officially over tonight – which means that Kristy made the ultimate decision. Did she choose Kyle or Stewart to join her in her motherhood journey or will she got at it alone?

*This article may continue spoilers*

While the season finale was airing on FOX this evening, Kristy herself jumped on Instagram to talk to the viewers and her fans.

She took the time to answer some of your most burning questions. Questions like “who was the best kisser, ” “Would you have given anyone a second chance,” and “did the producers tell you anything about the guys before the show” were all answered.

Were you scared to do any of this??

Who was the best kisser?

How long was taping? 5 weeks?

Who were you the most initially attracted to on night 1?

Were you undecided up until decision day or did you already know in your heart who it’d be?

Are the houses you and the men stayed in real? They are amazing!

At the end of Kristy’s journey in finding love, she ended up choosing Kyle over Stewart. Both men were great catches and we are happy to see Kristy on her way to a happy life with a man she loves.


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