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Kristin Cavallari Posts Valentine’s Message to “J” — Is It Jay Cutler?

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Kristin Cavallari at beach

Kristin Cavallari is once again making waves in the romance department. The former Very Cavallari star posted a cryptic message ahead of Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) using her Uncommon James template. She wrote a message for “J,” leading many of her fans to think it was intended for Jay Cutler. If you want more details, keep reading below.

What did Kristin’s message say?

Kristin Cavallari shared a Valentine’s Day themed message on Feb. 2 to her Instagram Story, which had fans wondering who it was to. She addressed it to “J,” and wrote that they “can skip the chocolate this year” because she wants “tequila, a beach, and [a] Secret Rose candle” from Uncommon James. She signed it with her initials – KC – but what got people talking was who the mystery “J” could be.

Image Credit: IG Story @KristinCavallari.

The obvious answer people have been going to is her ex-husband Jay Cutler. Given that the letter “J” sounds like “Jay” when pronounced aloud, it’s not that far off-base. Not to mention he and Kristin did hang out a couple of weeks ago, all documented on Instagram, of course. Feeling the Vibe actually reported on that photo, which featured Kristin and Jay posing next to each other with the caption: “The world is full of users. 10 years. Can’t break that.”

So, is “J” Jay Cutler? Or, is it someone else in Kristin’s life?

If you’ve been following Kristin in the headlines, then you may have heard she’s been linked to comedian Jeff Dye since the fall. While neither have confirmed a relationship, Jeff did throw a twist into this story. See, Jeff posted his own Valentine’s Day message using Kristin’s UJ template – and seemed to address it to Kristin!

He told “K” that they “can skip the distance this year;” he wants “drinks, dancing, and you” from Uncommon James. Given that Kristin is the founder & CEO of UJ, it’s pretty clear who “K” is in this case.

It’s easy to see why fans have been buzzing about her love life. Even though there’s no confirmed romance, they’ve been spotted together and have gotten flirty on social media before.

Plus, with she and Jay being civil to one another, it’s got people hoping for a reconciliation. Of course, it makes sense that the former couple would be cordial: they’ve got 3 kids together, whom they’re also co-parenting.

So, until we hear otherwise, safe to say it’s all in good fun for now. Jay and Kristin are friendly; she and Jeff may have something going on. One thing’s for sure: Kristin doesn’t read too much into things, even if her fans do sometimes.


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