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Kristin Cavallari Comforts Kelly After OBGYN Visit on ‘Very Cavallari’ Finale

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Kristin and Kelly Visit the Doctor at Very Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari’s BFF, Kelly Henderson took a visit to the doctor in the season 2 finale of the popular E! reality series.

After a group trip to the island of Cabo San Lucas where a teenage Kristin often frequented and partied in high school, Kelly had a big decision to make.

Kristin’s friends Stephanie Biegel, Pippa, Kelly, and hair stylist Justin Anderson all took the trip down to the tropical island to get some much needed away time.

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Pippa wasn’t even sure if she’d make the trip because she was waiting for her surrogate to go into labor with her twins! After 8 years of trying, Pippa was super excited to know that she would be welcoming her babies into this world.

Kelly Henderson visits the OBGYN about freezing her eggs

All this talk of babies and freezing eggs got Kelly thinking. She knows one day she wants to have a baby, but she is concerned that her biological clock is ticking and doesn’t want to pick a man quickly just to have a baby.

In the season 2 finale, we get to see Kelly’s emotional visit to the OBGYN. Her BFF Kristin was right by her side for the whole experience. “I definitely don’t want to be doing any of this by myself but, just to have someone who I know loves me sitting by my side, is very comforting,” said Henderson.

While her OBGYN doctor was giving Kelly an exam, they spotted a cyst. “This is simple. It doesn’t look like any tumor of any kind,” she said.

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The doctor also spotted a couple micro follicles, which means Kelly’s egg count may be a little low. This news leaves her emotional but luckily Kristin is there to give a supportive hug and reassured her BFF that everything will be fine.

Watch the clip from the Finale below:

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