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‘Floribama Shore’ Sneak Peek: Kortni Has Pregnancy Scare + Nilsa’s Romance

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“Floribama Shore” was on a summer vacation last week to make room for the MTV VMA’s but don’t worry, it’s back on Monday for an all new episode!

We can promise this will be pretty juicy!

In the last episodes, we saw Kortni having some issues with her boyfriend, Logan.  A few red flag were raised, but Kortni decided to overlook them.

Was that a good choice?  Only time will tell for sure.

In the new episode of ‘Floribama‘ airing on Monday, August 27th, Kortni gets a huge scare..a pregnancy one!

Co-star, Nilsa ran to get her pregnancy test for Kortni saying, “I knew this would come in handy.

Kortni anxiously awaits the results and looks and it completely stunned.

In some romance news, it looks like the Nilsa + Gus fans might have something to ooh and ahh over on Monday.

“Sparks” are said to fly.  We can only hope!

Tune into Floribama Shore on MTV, Monday August 27th at 10pm EST.