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Justin Bieber’s Special Childhood Items Go On Exhibit at Canadian Museum

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Special momentos from Justin Bieber’s childhood such as a Grammy Award, a hockey jacket, and more will go on display next month. 

“Steps to Stardom” will be open in Stratford, Ontario where he grew up in Canada as part of the Stratford Perth Museum on February 18, 2018.  

The exhibit was put together by the curators at the museum and Justin’s grandparents Diane and Bruce. 

Many visitors have come to this small city in Canada for years to see just where Justin Bieber got his start.  

Justin Bieber hockey jacket at Perth Museum

Justin Bieber’s hockey jacket from his time playing for the Stratford Warriors. | Submitted by the Stratford Perth Museum


Stratford Perth Museum’s general manager, John Kastner made a few phone calls to Justin’s grandparents and reps for Justin before he got the green light to start the exhibit.  

Kastner found out that Justin’s grandparents store a trove of treasures from the “Confident” singer.  They include awards and a number of hockey jerseys that were given to him from famous sports players.  

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (ABC/Image Group LA)


The exhibit is set to display between 50 and 75 special pieces and will continue to add new items as time goes on.

The general manager Kastner said, “Visitors who show up the first day will receive a limited-edition replica of Bieber’s backstage passes.”  

The exhibit officially opens on Feb. 18.

Justin Bieber Items on Exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum on February 18th