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Julianne Hough Finding Inner Strength : “I Told Off a Bully at Work and It Felt So Good”

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Singer/actress, Julianne Hough recently spoke with Redbook Magazine in an exclusive interview.  

“You have to get out of your comfort zone, kind of shock yourself, in order to change” says Julianne.  She may appear as though she has all the confidence in the world, but that was not always the case.  

She isn’t trying to be the peacemaker anymore.  “Now I stand up for myself.  The other day, I told off a bully at work and that felt so good,” says the newlywed.  Julianne tied the knot with her hockey star husband, Brooks Laich in July 2017.  Your other half can certainly bring out the best in you.

Brooks encouraged his wife to be kinder to herself and to be confident in everything she has achieved.  

One of Julianne’s goals in life is to empower other women to speak up for themselves. 

Julianne will be starring in a new film, Biggerplaying fitness guru Betty Weider which she was filming when speaking to Redbook Magazine.  This role comes with a brand new workout routine to match Betty’s shapely old Hollywood figure.

When asked how she trained to change her body, Julianne responded:

“Women in that era had bigger hips and bigger busts.  I don’t naturally have that hourglass shape.  I cut down on my cardio and was lifting a lot of weights.”


Julianne is attempting to accept her body shape no matter what and that is in part a big thanks to her husband Brooks.  

She shares a story about when she and Brooks started dating.

“We would take a picture, he would show it to me and I’d be like, “Oh, God, let’s take it again.” He once said, “Every time you look at a photo, you put it down right away instead of seeing the good in it.” So now when I see a picture, even if I don’t like it, I try to find something positive.”


Julianne on where she is in life right now

“I’m in this new chapter of shifting my career again, where I’m refocusing on acting. So it’s scary, but I have so much certainty in my relationship that I actually feel like I’m 18 years old—fresh and excited, but with knowledge.”

Julianne on feeling fear

“I always say that without fear, you can’t have courage. And without courage, you can’t take risks and have success.” 

For the full Julianne Hough interview, go to Redbook Magazine