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Jodie Sweetin Goes to a New York Yankees Game – Pics Inside!

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Jodie Sweetin is on a trip right now in New York!

The weather has been less than stellar here, with constant rain and cloudy skies but that wasn’t stopping Jodie!

Here she is on her flight to NYC, saying “Early morning flight to NYC, my favorite place (besides home, of course!) Getting ready for some fun and some press for the season 2 premier of @hollywooddarlings on April 18th! Now, to put my eye mask on and ?? ✈️

Jodie Sweetin on her flight to NYC

Jodie Sweetin on her flight to NYC | IG: Jodie Sweetin


She posted her adventures in NYC on Instagram, saying, “Great day at the Natural History Museum in NYC, followed by a quick stroll in the park. So happy the weather cleared up a bit so I could enjoy the city today! #nyc#soloadventures #iwantapetsloth

The fun didn’t stop there.  Jodie took in a Yankee game with her boyfriend and a few friends in the Bronx.

The Yankees had to capture the moment on video.  Watch Jodie saying hi to everyone in the video below.

Jodie also captured the fun moments in a photo collage on Instagram.

However, it’s not all down time for Jodie while she’s out on the east coast.  Jodie is getting together with her co-stars of “Hollywood Darlings” tomorrow for a fan event in New Jersey.  Check out the information below if you’re nearby the area.

Jodie’s currently starring in “Hollywood Darlings” on the POP channel Wednesdays at 8pm ET.