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Is MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ Coming Back for Season 2? Here are a Few Hints..

MTV’s beloved reality show ‘Siesta Key‘ left everyone off with a dramatic cliffhanger at the end of season one back in March 2018.

The cast including Juliette, Alex, Madisson, and Kelsey have posted photos and instastories about filming, even showing a “wrap” party a few months ago.

However, anything about season 2 has been very quiet online except for a few mentions from the cast.

Fans have been speculating if the “Laguna Beach” lookalike show will in fact be back.

There are a few hints..

Just this week the official Instagram for MTV’s Siesta Key wiped out their entire profile including the profile photo and replaced it with 2 photos.

The first is the background of a beach with the letters ISK.

The second is again the background of waves with the letters N R.

Will it end up saying “Enter at Your Own Risk?”

This is one of the first signs that we all might be getting our Christmas wish!

The last time we spotted the cast together is below:

Juliette posted this “actual candid” photo of the Siesta Key girls at the end of October.

Juliette spent time with her on-screen nemesis Kelsey in the big Apple!  Kelsey posted this cute photo of the girls spending only 48 hours in NYC.

And another point for a nod towards a second season… cast member, Madisson posted an old Siesta Key promo photo only a few days ago on Instagram.  What is she trying to say?

What do you think, will there be a season 2?  Sound off by tweeting us @feelingthevibe !