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Hot Off Her Big Blow Up With Alex, Chloe from ‘Siesta Key’ Takes On a New Challenge

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Last week’s episode of ‘Siesta Key’ ended up explosively!

Chloe and Alex’s Blow Up

To give you a little recap, Alex and Chloe had been friends for a long time until Chloe got super fed up with his recent behavior. She drove up to his house to confront him, and it just continued to escalate.

The episode ended with Chloe ending their friendship as she walked off.

A New Challenge for Chloe

Last night, Chloe took on yet another challenging situation. What was it?

Getting on an airplane! So many people can relate, fear of flying is a very common issue.

Chloe Trautman comes to NYC on March 12, 2019
Chloe in the airport waiting for flight

Chloe and Juliette were coming to NYC for a much needed girl’s trip! They were both super excited to take on the big apple, but first – came the plane.

In a Twitter update, Chloe wrote, “So I’m getting on a plane in 4 hours to go to NYC and my anxiety isn’t as bad as it usually is.”

It’s always helpful to be distracted on an airplane, so Chloe’s friend Torayba accompanied her to ease her fears. Now that’s friendship!

So I’m getting on a plane in 4 hours to go to NYC and my anxiety isn’t as bad as it usually is. My friend Torayba loves me enough to come with and I’m so grateful because it’s seriously helping so much. I’m actually not even that nervous. Of course I’m having some bad thoughts…— Chloe Trautman (@chloe_trautman) March 12, 2019

.@chloe_trautman but I just keep telling myself that everything is going to be okay. This may not be a huge accomplishment to you but I havn’t shed one tear about this flight and for me that is HUGE. Baby steps. I’m so excited to see @juliettep0rter ! GIRLS TRIP!— Chloe Trautman (@chloe_trautman) March 12, 2019

Tips to Ease Fear of Flying

How to ease flying fears? Going on the plane with a friend or relative can help you feel safer, plus give you a much needed distraction. You can also use awesome visualization techniques.

Instead of thinking of the fear of flying, think of the feeling you will have when you arrive to your destination and get off the plane. Maybe it’s the hot sun, the hot guys, or the sightseeing you’re looking forward to. This will help shift your mindset into an “I can do it” thought!

The Siesta Key Girls are Happy to Be In NYC

I’m in New York City with 3 of my best friends. There is nothing like girl time!— Chloe Trautman (@chloe_trautman) March 12, 2019

Juliette quickly added a photo when she arrived in NYC to her Instagram Story!

Chloe and Juliette from Siesta Key arrive in NYC on March 12, 2019.
Juliette Porter arrives in NYC

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