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Get to Know the Cast of MTV’s New Show ‘Pretty Little Mamas’

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MTV’s newest reality show, Pretty Little Mamas will be full of fun, love, and of course, some drama. It follows a group of 20-something moms who navigate their lives together. We have the breakdown on the cast for you below, so keep reading to get to know the ladies of PLM!



Nicole of "Pretty Little Mamas"

PLM’s Nicole. Photo Credit: MTV.


Nicole and daughter, Noelle are living in her parents house with a full time nanny. Good thing, as Nicole is balancing grad school, her social status, and a new boyfriend, Michael. Nicole insists that he’s “The One” – but is she right?



Chandlar of "Pretty Little Mamas"

PLM’s Chandlar. Photo Credit: MTV.


Chandlar has had quite a rough few years before making it back into Nicole’s “squad.” She’s raising two kids: daughter Aubrey from her ex-boyfriend and son Jaxton with her current BF. Her ex was paralyzed following a BMX accident; while her current boyfriend, Aaron, is struggling with drug addiction. Will Chandlar be able to manage all of this, without it all falling apart?



Nikki of "Pretty Little Mamas"

PLM’s Nikki. Photo Credit: MTV.


Nikki is the new mom in town, having moved to California from Singapore. She and her boyfriend, Ryan are raising their daughter, Alaia and seem happy. But with her growing career as a model and Youtube influencer, will Nikki and Ryan’s relationship still be able to work?



Alyssa of "Pretty Little Mamas"

PLM’s Alyssa. Photo Credit: MTV.


Alyssa’s life seems to be great: she’s graduating from nursing school, she has an adorable 4 year old named Kayden, and she’s even engaged to his father, Brandon. But when her mother’s health takes a turn for the worse, Alyssa’s perfect world comes crumbling down.



Cheyenne of "Pretty Little Mamas"

PLM’s Cheyenne. Photo Credit: MTV.


Even though Cheyenne is married, that doesn’t make her life any easier than the other mother’s. Her husband Teli can’t seem to keep a job, and everyone (Teli, Cheyenne, and their two kids) are living at Cheyenne’s dad’s house. Will Cheyenne have to step it up and get things done?

Catch Nicole, Chandlar, Nikki, Alyssa, and Cheyenne on MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas when it premieres Thursday, August 30 at 9/8 c!

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