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Gabriel Conte is One of the First Vloggers To Try Instagram’s Newest “IGTV”

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Gabriel Conte who is popular for creating vlogs with his wife Jess made social media history today.

Instagram just rolled out a brand new platform called IGTV and Gabriel was one of the first vloggers to try it out! We love how he’s always up to try something new.

Gabriel Conte on IGTV

Gabriel Conte Creates Video on IGTV | Instagram / Gabriel Conte


This is Instagram’s attempt to compete with YouTube.

The main difference with IGTV versus Instastories is that you can make long-form videos on IGTV.

Ashley Yucki, the product manager for Instagram spoke in front of a large crowd in San Francisco to make the big announcement.  She said, “IGTV is a brand new experience inside the main Instagram app, and it’s also its own dedicated standalone app.

While Gabriel’s wife Jess is away on vacation, he decided to give this super cool new video platform a try after polling his subscribers if they wanted to see an IGTV from him.

Gabe posted this adorable shot of himself with the couple’s goldendoodle pup Milo with an “I miss you Jess” message from the duo.

How can you watch IGTV videos?  

We’re glad you asked!

Make sure your version of Instagram is updated.  An icon will be next to the direct message icon.

How to use IGTV | Credit: Bustle


When you click on the orange icon in the top right corner, you will be able to search for a video from your favorite social star.

Have fun with the new video feature and a stand alone app is coming soon!

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