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Fuller House Star Mini-Me’s Attend Coachella Together

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It seems as though everyone is attending the biggest music and arts festival to hit California, including some Fuller House stars’ children.

They may have played aunt and niece on Full House, but Lori Loughlin and Candace Cameron Bure are super close IRL too.  However, they weren’t the ones at Coachella.

Candace’s daughter, Natasha Bure, 19 and Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Bella Giannulli, 19 met up at Coachella.  They were having some fun with Instagram filters and selfie posing of course.

Bella Giannulli and Natasha Bure

Bella Giannulli and Natasha Bure at Coachella | IG: Natasha Bure


These girls look so much like their famous moms and we love seeing Lori and Candace’s children hitting it off.

Natasha tagged the photo “My Love @Bella” and “LAZY SUNDAY.”  We can feel the love!

Bella and Natasha weren’t the only ones hanging out.  Lori’s youngest daughter and YouTuber, Olivia Jade also attended the festivities.  She said, “Found this random stranger & asked him to take a pic of me.

Their mothers also spend a lot of time together.  Take a look at this throwback from the Superbowl days.

Candace is set to start shooting Fuller House Season 4 coming up!