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Floribama Sneak Peek: Gus on Kortni’s Boyfriend, Logan: ‘I’m Not Surprised He’s Been Lying’

MTV’s reality show, ‘Floribama Shore‘ is back Monday night with an all new episode.

We have seen Kortni’s boyfriend Logan make appearances on the show a number of times to see his girl.

In a preview of the new episode, Kortni learns that Logan has been lying to her.

Kortni picks up the famous green alligator house phone to call Logan to tell him that she’s alright.

Kortni Trying to Call Logan on 'Floribama' August 13th

Kortni Trying to Call Logan on ‘Floribama’ August 13th | MTV


Instead, a girl named Reina answers the phone.

Kortni explains that Reina happens to be Logan’s roommate and her BFF which “makes it great for me because I get to know what’s going down when I’m not around,” explains Gilson.

Reina informs Kortni that Logan will be out of the house by the 9th because she “can’t have a liar living in this house.”

A shocked Kortni gets the lowdown.  See the sneak peek clip of ‘Floribama’ August 13th Episode below:


However, roommate Gus isn’t as surprised.  He said “It’s looks like Logan has been lying about all kinds of stuff but I’m not that surprised.”  Gus continues,  “she jumped into this way too fast.

‘Floribama Shore’ airs Monday at 10pm EST on MTV.