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Everything You Need To Know About Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s Relationship

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Sophie Turner had a lot to say about her relationship with Joe Jonas in her new interview with Harpers Bazaar UK.

Sophie Turner,
Sophie Turner on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK. April 2019. Photo: bazaaruk/Instagram

The Game of Thrones star shared she and the eldest Jonas Brothers band member followed each other on Instagram before they started dating. Many mutual friends were trying to introduce the pair to each other, until one day Jonas randomly slid into Turner’s DM’s.

The couple have been linked together publicly since October 2016. The relationship got turned serious when Jonas proposed to his girlfriend of 3 years. The pair are currently planning their future wedding and hopes to keep it as private as possible.

It’s never easy to date a very popular and famous person. All eyes are on you. When Sophie Turner started her relationship with Joe, the fans weren’t too thrilled. However, she shared the fans have been treating her a lot better now. In fact, Jonas is now receiving overprotective comments from Game of Thrones fans about he’s treating Turner.

Joe and Kevin Jonas with their ladies | IG: Joe Jonas

We love a supportive boyfriend. While Turner was busy shooting Game of Thrones, boyfriend Joe was asked to sign an NDA agreement not to spill the ending!

When do you think this happy couple will get married? Will you be watching the final season of Game of Thrones? Let us know all your thoughts @feelingthevibe.