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Did Peter Weber End Up With Producer, Julie LaPlaca?

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Peter Weber with The Bachelor Producer Julie LaPlaca

We are getting down to it on Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ with only 6 women left.

As we get closer to seeing who Peter chooses at the end, there are rumors going around the Internet as expected. There is one theory going on Reddit. What is it? That Peter doesn’t end up with any of the women from his season but he ends up with someone from behind the scenes.

Bachelor Nation has been looking for clues about the end of Peter’s season. Let’s see what they found.

Peter went to a special dinner on New Year’s Eve with his producer Julie LaPlaca and family. Look at this photo from Peter’s father’s Instagram account.

The gang ate at the famed Carmine’s Italian Restaurant in Manhattan.

Then there’s also this photo of a very happy Julie with what appears to be Peter behind her at Times Square in NYC.

Check out the Reddit theory here. It has been teased that there is an unthinkable ending to Peter’s season.

Could this be a sign that he chooses Julie or is it all just a coincidence? Tune into ‘The Bachelor’ on ABC Mondays at 8pm EST.