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Demi Lovato Was Insecure About This Photo, But Posted it to Millions Anyway

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The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer is taking in 2018 with sunshine and confidence.  

The East Coast might be getting hit with a winter blast at the moment but Demi Lovato managed to escape to the sun and sand.  She just put up a photo on Instagram, and we love her body confidence.  

Demi writes, “So, I’m insecure about my legs in this picture but I’m posting it because I look so happy and this year I’ve decided I’m letting go of my perfectionism and embracing freedom from self criticism. Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing. Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.” as the caption on her Instagram beach photo.

She added, “Today I’m feeling strong. You all can do it too. It IS possible. Thank you God for this new chapter in my life. #EDrecovery #happyAF

This isn’t the first time Demi has been open about her body struggles, something she went into treatment for in 2010.  She has been on the road to recovery as she often drops encouraging body confidence messages to her millions of followers on social media.  

Demi Lovato Simply Complicated YouTube Documentary

Demi Lovato in her YouTube Documentary, “Simply Complicated” / YouTube


Lovato filmed a YouTube documentary titled, “Simply Complicated” which was released last year.  In it, she discusses the hardships and relapse she had through her breakup with actor Wilmer Valderrama.

Demi, her mom Dianna, sister Dallas and other close family is featured in the YouTube documentary. 

She and her family open up in the “Simply Complicated” documentary. 

Watch it below:


If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237.