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Debbie Gibson Stars in ‘Wedding of Dreams’ Movie on Hallmark Channel – See Photos!

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Former pop star, Debbie Gibson, 48, is starring in a brand new Hallmark Channel movie this month!

Gibson will reunite with her co-star Robert Grant in the new flick.

Wedding of Dreams‘ will air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, September 8th.

Robert Grant and Debbie Gibson Star in 'Wedding of Dreams' September 8, 2018

Robert Grant and Debbie Gibson Star in ‘Wedding of Dreams’ September 8, 2018 | Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen


What is ‘Wedding of Dreams’ about?

Pop sensation Debbie Taylor played by Debbie Gibson left the glam life of a singing career to become a music teacher at an Ohio High School.

Debbie Taylor has never been happier in her career and personal life – her boyfriend Noah, played by Robert Grant just proposed!

As if life could get any better for Debbie, she now has been asked to sing her single “Wonderland” on a hit TV show called “Platinum Star.”

There comes a point where Debbie has to choose between her singing career and love – when juggling everything becomes too hard.

Could it be that she is able to handle both or will she end up choosing just one?

See Photos from ‘Wedding of Dreams’ on Hallmark Channel

Tune into the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, September 8th to watch ‘Wedding of Dreams‘ at 9pm EST.