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Danny Fights with Mateo in Brand New Spoiler from ‘Grand Hotel’

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Mateo and Danny Battle It Out on Grand Hotel Episode 5

It gets intense on ‘Grand Hotel‘ during episode 5 “You’ve Got Blackmail,” when a fight breaks out in the boxing ring.

Last week we saw Danny still searching around for clues into his sister Sky’s disappearance. He thought he was onto something when he spotted the red car that belonged to his sister driving through Miami’s palm trees lined streets. After pursuing that lead, he realized Ingrid was the one driving, and not his sister.

Ingrid and Mateo in Grand Hotel
Ingrid and Mateo on Grand Hotel

When he and Jason walked Ingrid home to her apartment, they learned an intruder was inside who knocked Jason out before fleeing. Unable to see who it was, they are only going based on clues from a written love letter to Sky. In hopes to match the handwriting from the love letter to the note on Mateo’s desk, they come up short.

A note to Sky on ABC's 'Grand Hotel'
Will Danny uncover more clues like this? Find out on tonight’s new episode! Image Credit: IG @GrandHotelABC.

Is Mateo the Guy?

Danny’s current strongest suspect is Mateo – the manager of the Riviera Grand.

In a sneak peek of episode 5 called “You’ve Got Blackmail,” Danny runs into Mateo outside of work, at the boxing ring. When Danny hears Mateo call his name, his cringes before turning around.

Mateo got way more than he bargained for when he and Danny battle it out in the ring as Danny throws major punches his way. See the video clip below:

Danny isn’t the only one having a hard time in episode 5. Javi was blindsided when Ingrid told him that she was pregnant. At first he was quite confused why she would be telling him. However, since he has the reputation of being a ladies man, she thought he would be the perfect target. Unbeknownst to Javi, the real father of Ingrid’s baby is Mateo. When he didn’t want to step up and take care of the child, Ingrid took matters into her own hands.

In ‘You’ve Got Blackmail,’ Javi makes an announcement to his family, revealing the secret. How will everyone react to the news?

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