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Chris Hemsworth Plays The ‘Jinx Challenge’ with Jimmy Fallon

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Chris Hemsworth visits Jimmy Fallon for a segment on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night on NBC.  

Brother of Liam Hemsworth, (Miley Cyrus’s fiancee) will sit down with Jimmy and challenge him to the Jinx Challenge.  We can’t wait to see this one!  What is the Jinx Challenge?  

These are the rules of the game.  Jimmy will read a topic from a card.  Once he says it out loud, then Jimmy and Chris will say the first word that comes to their minds.  If they say the same word, they get a point.  

The more words they match on, the better!  

Chris Hemsworth is starring in a brand new movie, ’12 Strong’ in theaters on Friday, Jan 19th.  He posted a photo of the cast to his Instagram.

See the ’12 Strong’ movie trailer below:

If you missed the episode, watch Chris play the Jinx Challenge with Jimmy Fallon at the video below: