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Chloe Lukasiak Talks Baking, Hairstyles, Traveling & More

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Chloe Lukasiak from ‘Dance Moms‘ fame is divulging some fun facts and secrets about herself that you may not know!

In a brand new Instagram post, she posted a few random facts.

What are they?

Major Sweet Tooth

Chloe says she just loves baking.  “I get that from my Grammy Kathy. When I was little, I would sometimes help her bake and I do it as often as I can now.”

What does she like to bake?  Well anything from brownies to cookies to cupcakes.  She loves it all!

Chloe Lukasiak at Moonlight Rollerway

Chloe Lukasiak at Moonlight Rollerway | IG: Chloe Lukasiak


Cold Feet – Literally

You’ve heard the term “He has cold feet” when it comes to bailing out on someone but that’s not what Chloe is talking about.

My feet are ALWAYS COLD. I’m, like, almost positive I have a blood circulation problem in my feet, but I’ve never looked into it,” she says.

Because of this, Chloe is always wearing thick socks or slippers.  If she doesn’t, her feet are “blue.


Fantasy Land

Chloe is a big reader and her favorite book genre is “fantasy.”

She wants to expand her roster though.  “My mom reads a lot of books about murderers – so those are next on my TBR list,” says Chloe.

If you have a recommendation for Chloe to add to her reading list, she asks for you to leave it in the comments on her Instagram!


Medical Undercover

Chloe revealed that she has had 3 surgeries to correct her diagnosis of “Silent Sinus Syndrome.”


Chloe Lukasiak in Dublin, Ireland

Chloe Lukasiak in Dublin, Ireland | Instagram / Chloe Lukasiak


Around the World

Chloe is often jet setting to many cool places all over the world.

A few of her favorite stops outside of the US?

London, New Zealand, and Jamaica

I plan to travel as long as I can and Italy is next on my list,” she says.


Her Roots

She thinks this is silly, but it’s something that has been on her mind.

“I’ve been thinking of dying my hair strawberry blonde,” Chloe says.

Good idea? Bad idea?  Let her know in the comments!


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