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Cast & Crew for ‘Famous in Love’ Still Hoping for Season 3 Pickup

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After the news broke today that there most likely won’t be a season 3 of the popular teen drama series of ‘Famous in Love,’ some new information has come out.

Famous in Love Bella Thorne s2 premiere photo

Bella Thorne, Charlie DePew and Georgie Flores in a new still from the season 2 premiere episode(s) of “Famous in Love.”


Earlier today Bella Thorne tweeted an emotionally charged post when she found out that things weren’t looking good for a season 3.  She said “If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset.”

The series creator, Marlene King is giving fans some hope though!

This evening, she took to Twitter to clear the air.

Marlene said, “FACT: The ENTIRE cast and crew are crossing our fingers and toes as we light candles for a S3 pickup. On!”

Hulu apparently declined the opportunity to financially assist a season 3, but the cast and crew are holding hope that the series could be picked up still.

There have also been reports that the lead of the show Bella Thorne and the series creator, Marlene King are in a feud but that is not the case.

Marlene said, “Despite what may be out there I am not in a feud w @bellathorne. We have, and have always had, a friendly and professional relationship.

Freeform has not yet made a final decision on this show.  So all the loyal viewers who want more #Raige, could still have their wish fulfilled!