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Candace Cameron Bure is Taping ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas’ Get Premiere Date + See Photos

Candace Cameron Bure filming 'A Shoe Addict's Christmas'

We are super excited!

Candace Cameron Bure is on location shooting a brand new Christmas movie for the popular ‘Countdown to Christmas‘ lineup for the Hallmark Channel.

She looks adorable in a long red winter coat, ski hat, and tall brown boots as she is on set for ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. airing on Sunday, November 25, 2018.

Candace shared that she usually films these movies during the summer and it’s super hot outside but this time, she’s in an area where it was actually really cold and..snowing!

What could feel more like Christmastime?

Candace shared a photo of herself with one of her co-stars off set.  Who can relate to her caption?

When you’re trying to be cool, but totally creepin’ on his texts…

But he isn’t the only one texting.  Candace is doing her fair share of it as well…and is looking quite happy.

We wonder who is on the other end of that phone!

Check out a behind the scenes video of Candace as she is filming ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas.’


Watch ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas‘ on the Hallmark Channel Premiering on Sunday, November 25, 2018!