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Bea Miller Shares Fan Girl Story She Has of The Jonas Brothers

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Bea Miller, Jonas Brothers,

Bea Miller recalls the first time she saw the Jonas Brothers during a Q&A video with Billboard. The singer shared that she first saw the brothers during a morning news appearance.

Bea Miller, Billboard,
Bea Miller recalling the time she met the Jonas Brothers. Photo: Billboard

At the time, Miller was eight years old and her mother worked for the show. Her mother allowed her to get a front row view of their outdoor performance. Can you imagine how excited an 8 year old Bea was? Miller held a small poster in support of the band.

After they sang some of their hit songs, the band went inside the Morning Show studio. Some of the female audience trampled over Miller in order to enter the studio to see the boys. After getting up from her fall, Miller looked down to see that her poster was ripped. She became very upset while entering the studio in tears.

Miller’s mood quickly changed when she bumped into Nick Jonas in the studio. Now, that could turn anyone’s day around! Nick, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas signed her ripped poster to make up for being trampled on by excited fans. “Nick gave me his guitar pick and I still have it to this day,” Miller shared with Billboard.

I actually wrote a song with Nick, so it’s kind of funny now.” Miller confessed during the interview. The former X Factor contestant also toured with Joe’s band DNCE during Selena Gomez’s Revival tour.

Joe Jonas, DNCE, Bea Miller, Revival Tou
Joe Jonas and band members of DNCE crash hang out with Bea Miller backstage during a concert of Selena Gomez’s Revival tour. Photo:

Watch the full Q&A in the video below!


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