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Ashlee + Evan Reminisce on How They First Met – See Video!

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With the premiere of ‘Ashlee + Evan‘ on E! Channel tonight, we have a little inside look at how this couple first got started.

Ashlee Simpson, 33, and Evan Ross, 30, both hail from famous families, but back in the summer of 2013, these two first crossed paths.

Ashlee recalls when she first saw Evan (son of Diana Ross) walk into a mutual friend’s birthday party.  “Evan walked in and he was really cute,” she says as Evan smiles at her.

Ashlee + Evan Share Cute Story of How They Met

Ashlee + Evan Share Cute Story of How They Met | E! Channel YouTube


Did you come and talk to me?” Ashlee asks.

No,” he admits.  “You came to dance with me,” Ross says in a tone that is so familiar to that of singer Bruno Mars.

Things moved quickly for them with Ashlee admitting, “we made out.

When we got together though, you really shocked me” Ashlee says to her husband.  “You shocked me too,” Evan admits.

Watch the full clip below of Ashlee + Evan talking about first meeting:

See photos of the couple from “Ashlee + Evan”

Tune into E! Channel on Sunday, September 9th at 10pm EST to catch “Ashlee + Evan