Ariana Grande Releases Must-Have ‘Sweetner’ Clothing Collection

Ariana Grande releases cool ‘Sweetner’ Clothing Collection- see which pieces are in the collection.

Not only did Ariana Grande release her highly anticipated fourth album today, but her entire ‘Sweetner‘ clothing collection also came out today!

In this exclusive collection, Ariana released six pieces to choose from.  Check them out below.

The Ariana Grande ‘Sweetner’ Clothing Collection

Lavender Sweetner Track Neck + Album

Buy:  Sweetner Track Neck + Album

Sweetner Cover Crew + Album

Buy: Sweetner Cover Crew + Album

Sweetner Track TShirt + Album

Buy: Sweetner Track TShirt + Album


Sweetner Cover Hoodie + Album

Buy: Sweetner Cover Hoodie + Album


Stairs Crew + Album

Buy: Sweetner Stairs Crew + Album


Baby Crew + Album

Buy: Baby Crew + Album

It’s a bundle sort of deal because each purchase will include a digital copy of her newest album!  How cool is that?

Go to Ariana Grande’s shop to browse through the collection now.  

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