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Ariana Grande Meets Idina Menzel at ‘A Very Wicked Halloween’ Taping – See Photos!

Ariana Grande will appear in ‘A Very Wicked Halloween‘ airing on October 29th.

She is thrilled to be part of the famed musical!

Ariana posted an instagram story earlier today and told her anxiety off!

Can’t believe I almost let my anxiety ruin this for me today!” said Grande.

Ariana Grande for 'Very Wicked Halloween"

Ariana Grande for ‘Very Wicked Halloween” | Instagram / Ariana Grande


This is Ariana’s first public outing since the news broke over the weekend about her split from ex-fiancee Pete Davidson.

We all know Ariana has been going through so much and she took some very needed time off.

Now she is ready to sing her heart out to “The Wizard and I” for her scene in the new Halloween special.

Grande has completely embraced this role, even pictured holding a Wicked doll in the car.

Ariana Grande with Wicked Doll

Ariana Grande with Wicked Doll | Instagram / Ariana Grande


One of the highlights of her day?  This one made her change her cell phone home screen photo!

Ariana met Idina Menzel and she couldn’t get enough.  Look at the adorable photo below.

Ariana said, “if y’all told me ab any of this fifteen years ago ……………………… bye. ?

Ariana Grande with Idinia Menzel

Ariana Grande with Idinia Menzel | Instagram / Ariana Grande


Tune into A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway! on NBC Monday, October 29th at 10pm EST.