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Ariana Grande Billboard’s Female Artist of the Year

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Ariana Grande’s music is more powerful than most people may realize.  The small powerhouse singer last released an album over 19 months ago.  She didn’t even have a new album out in 2017.  However, the songs from her “Dangerous Woman” album stayed in the charts throughout the entire year.  

Billboard said, “Congrats to our female artist of the year, Ariana Grande!”  After her highly sustained chart performance of “Dangerous Woman,” she leads all the ladies.  

Even Ariana couldn’t believe it as she expressed her disbelief on Twitter saying, “holy &^*!, thank you.”

Her tour for Dangerous Woman ended in September 2017 after seven months on the road and the tour actually grossed over $71 million dollars!

Ariana is not slowing down anytime soon.  Her upcoming fourth album is on its way and will drop in 2018.  Pharrell Williams described Ariana’s fourth album as “pretty next-level.” He thinks her new material is “amazing.”



Think how big her new album will be in 2018!  This will be exciting for Ariana fans everywhere.