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Are The Bachelor’s Madi Prewett and Connor Saeli Dating?

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Madi Prewett & Connor Saeli

It’s a question that’s been on the minds of many Bachelor fans: does Madison Prewett have a new boyfriend? After calling it quits with Peter Weber after the end of their season run, Madison has been linked to quite a few guys. So, does that mean she’s dating Connor Saeli? Keep reading below for all the details!

Why Do Fans Think Madi and Connor are Dating?

After Madi and Peter “Pilot Pete” Weber broke off their relationship from The Bachelor, everyone was wondering who Madi would end up with next. Cue former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Connor Saeli, who you may remember was on Hannah Brown’s season a while back.

Now, why do people think they are dating? Well, it all started with an Instagram Live chat with Mike Johnson. Connor was asked the question of if he and Madison were an item, and his reply? “I can’t answer that.” You can see his full reaction from the IG video below:

He tried to divert the conversation away from he and Madison, but it didn’t exactly work out so well. Connor seemed very shy and vague about his answers going forward, which begged the question: are he and Madi an item?

What’s their status?

Don’t hold your breath, Bachelor nation: it doesn’t appear that Madi and Connor are becoming a couple – at least not right now. The duo haven’t been seen together, as everyone’s still required to stay home across the country. So, since they’re not quarantined together, it’s not like that’s primetime for them to be with each other.

The two do follow one another on Instagram, and have been posting their individual activities on their social media accounts. So, while there’s nothing official yet, don’t count it out. Judging by Connor’s adorable reaction, maybe he’s considered it! We’ll just have to wait and see if anything blossoms between the two.


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