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Why We Think Garrett & Cara from ‘Siesta Key’ Are Still a Couple After Filming Ended

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MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ season 2 is definitely all about romance, friendships, and drama.

Last season, we saw Garrett dating the new girl and model from St. Louis, Kelsey. However, unfortunately the two broke up and now Garrett was ready to mingle again in season 2.

Cara Geswelli and Garrett Miller on Siesta Key MTV 2019 Season 2
Credit: Garrett Miller / Instagram

If you’ve been keeping up with the group from the Key, you know that Garrett has been getting closer to Cara who arrived in Siesta Key by the urging of her friend, Chloe.

Cara may have dated Alex in the past, but this time around she had a spark with personal trainer, Garrett. The two have been spending a lot of time together. We can’t help but low-key dig this new couple.

So, are Cara and Garrett still together in 2019?

While they both have been quite discreet about their current relationship status, there have been some clues.

The Proof..

Garrett is still following Cara on Instagram and liking her photos.

The two posed together in July 2018 looking very much together as Cara captioned it, “Happy Birthday” referring to Garrett’s birthday which is on July 10th. He turned 23.

In March 2019, Garrett commented on a bikini clad photo of his flame saying, “hi there” to which Cara responded, “hi honey (using the emoji of a pot of honey).”

Garrett comments on Cara Geswelli's Instagram Photo 2019 | Instagram / Cara

Garrett commented an emoji with the tongue out on a photo of Cara in the Amalfi coast that was posted just this February 2019.

Cara Geswelli on the Amalfi Coast

The Latest Pics of Cara and Garrett from Siesta Key

The newest Siesta couple were hanging out together when the show premiered on March 5, 2019.

They were featured on the official Siesta Key Instagram Story out and about on the town, then later on low key back at home lounging on the couch. How cute are they?

Cara recently celebrated her birthday and she had many members of the Siesta Key cast plus friends from other groups wish the newcomer a very happy birthday.

Garrett was no exception. He left a sweet message for his girl, “Nothing but love & laughter with you. Happy birthday beautiful @carageswelli,” Garrett wrote.

2020 Update – The Breakup

It looks like Cara and Garrett are no longer an item. They haven’t posted pictures together since 2019. Instead, Garrett and Kelsey started rekindling their romance which will be seen on the season 3 Part 2 premiere!

Garrett Miller and Cara Geswelli still dating from Siesta Key.
Garrett Miller and Cara Geswelli Still Dating in 2019 | IG @GBaby00

Whether they are still exclusive or not, there’s definitely chemistry between these two. Do you think “Carrett” is should be together? Tweet us @feelingthevibe.