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Andrea Barber Takes Us Inside a ‘Fuller House’ Taping Night – See Video & Photos!

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Holy chalupas! Andrea Barber is giving ‘Fuller House‘ fans an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes during a ‘Fuller House‘ taping night!

This is Andrea’s very first video on her new Vlog Channel that we are super stoked about.

We learned that Andrea (Kimmy Gibbler) has a long commute into the studio.   “It’s Friday night and we’re driving in..well I’m not driving, Michael’s driving,” she says.

On tape nights, her friend Michael drives her in so she can review and learn her lines for that upcoming episode taping.

They pull up and she walks into Studio 24 – where all the magic happens.

Fuller House at Stage 24

Fuller House at Stage 24 | Andrea Barber / Youtube


Sitting in her comfy dressing room with under eye pads on to take away dark circles and puffiness, she says “we’re getting ready to start rehearsal for today.

Andrea is just like the rest of us!  Even though she has been acting and doing tapings for over 30 years, she admits, “this is when I start getting a little jittery and I don’t know why.

Andrea Barber in the 'Fuller House' Dressing Room

Andrea Barber in the ‘Fuller House’ Dressing Room | Credit: YouTube/Andrea Barber


In season 4 of ‘Fuller House‘ Kimmy is pregnant with Stephanie’s child (for the show).

In her dressing room, you see the big prosthetic pregnant belly sitting on her dresser.

It’s made of silicone.  It’s a very expensive prosthetic made in London,” Barber explains.

Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin Backstage

Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin Backstage | YouTube/Andrea Barber


Co-star Jodie Sweetin drops in and Barber says “I feel too old to be making a vlog” which Sweetin quickly shoots down.

We are with her, don’t stop Andrea!  All the ‘Fuller House‘ fans love watching.

Don’t miss the mini intervention when Sweetin and Candace Cameron come in to give Andrea a pep talk to keep going. We love the girl power!

She continues taking everyone through her closet and all the outfit changes for the night, you see the red taping light go on, and towards the end – the curtain call!

Take a look at her full first vlog below:

Fuller House’ is currently taping season 4.