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Andrea Barber Shares ‘Fuller House’ Season 3b Behind the Scenes Video

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The release of ‘Fuller House‘ season 3b is less than a week away and fans are super excited!

Fuller House Season 3B

Credit: Juan Pablo Di Pace/Instagram


The first part of ‘Fuller House’ season 3 left their fans off with a major cliffhanger.  The whole clan was on their way to Tokyo to celebrate the nuptials between DJ’s ex-boyfriend, Steve and his fiancee CJ.  While on the flight, DJ is still torn between her feelings for her old boyfriend Steve (Steve Weigner) and her new boyfriend Matt (played by John Brotherton).   

Andrea Barber who plays the lovable and quirky Kimmy Gibbler, posted a special behind the scenes look at filming out in Tokyo. 

A lot of you are asking, “Was Fuller House filmed in Japan?”

Yes, the cast actually went all the way out to Japan for the wedding!  

In this video you will catch a glimpse of Kimmy’s daughter Ramona opening the taxi car door for Jackson (catch our latest interview with Michael Campion).  Ramona’s father, Fernando jumps in the driver’s seat of the taxi, while Kimmy and Matt get in the car in front of Fernando.  The cameras follow them as they drive off. 

Take a look below.

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A few loyal and excited fans from Japan caught the cast of ‘Fuller House’ while they were filming in their country and told us their story.  Check out their ‘Fuller House’ fan encounter here.

Fuller House promises for BIG surprises in the upcoming Season 3b.  Check out the official trailer below.

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Catch the lovable Tanners, Fullers, Gibblers, and more on the Season 3b of ‘Fuller House’ only on Netflix.  Coming out on Friday, December 22, 2017.