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American Idol Top 24 Breakdown, Watch Night 2 Celebrity Duets Partners, Judge Comments and How to Vote

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Casey Bishop American Idol Celebrity Duets

The Top 24 Celebrity Duets Night 2 brought out the second half of the performers for American Idol. They were once again joined by special celebrity duet partners including PJ Morton, Tori Kelly, Josh Groban, Jason Aldean, and Jewel. Big performances on the horizon, find out the songs they sang for their solo performances and duets along with the exact comments from all the judges including Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

Jason Warrior

Jason Warrior American Idol
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Celebrity Duet Song: “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees

Celebrity Duet Partner: PJ Morton

Judges comments on duet between PJ Morton and Jason Warrior

Judges on their feet.

“Wow, it was probably the best solo and duet performance I’ve seen so far. I want to see a little bit more artistic presentation. Take a couple risks with your outfit. Just expand, let’s put on a real show.” – Katy Perry

“I love how you leave it out there every time. It’s just good old fashioned getting sweaty and dirty.” – Luke Bryan

“It does not get any better than what you just did. Take a bow on that one.” – Lionel Richie

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Madison Watkins

Madison Watkins American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo performance: “Holy” by Justin Bieber

Celebrity Duet Partner: Tori Kelly
Celebrity Duet Song: “Don’t You Worry About a Thing” by Stevie Wonder

“Tori Kelly is one of the biggest reasons I left Arkansas to pursue this dream.” – Madison Watkins

“It’s so cool to have a girl to look up to who also loves God.” – Madison Watkins

Judges comments on duet between Tori Kelly and Madison Watkins

Judges standing.

“You’re such a personality, you’re such a natural entertainment, your look is so striking. Sometimes that makes us lose your voice. Your voice really really showed up today. You showcased your voice at a level that I have not seen yet. “ – Luke Bryan

“You reacted to something she did, you were present, instead of just thinking about your notes. You nailed it. I loved what you did.” – Lionel Richie

“I thought, what does your guys shower drains look like? That was vocal olympics right there. Keep bringing those moments that stand out.” – Katy Perry

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Beane American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo song: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa
Celebrity Duet Partner: Josh Groban
Celebrity Duet song: “Angels” by Robbie Williams

“In a small moment of defiance to the norm, I’m going to switch the word “she” out to “he.” – Beane

Judges comments on duet between Josh Groban and Beane.

“First of all Beane, you made us turn around on every note to say hey, I”m here.” – Lionel Richie

“I would sign you, I think that you have incredible artistic vision. It was really thoughtful. I was thoroughly entertained. You sang your socks off. I would invest in you anyway.” – Katy Perry

“I think you’re growing with every phase of this competition. You just played me when Josh got on stage with you. Hold your head up high. Good job.” – Luke Bryan

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Hannah Everhart

Hannah Everhart American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “I Was Wrong” by Chris Stapleton

Celebrity Duet Partner: Jason Aldean

“She’s got the singing part down. I just want her to loosen up. Once she figures this out, the sky’s the limit.” – Jason Aldean

Celebrity Duet Song: “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean

Watch Hannah Everhart and Jason Aldean’s Duet


Judges comments on duet between Jason Aldean and Hannah Everhart.

“I think the solo moment, there were a couple things that didn’t bullseye, but I appreciate that you took the risk. With Jason, you’re a real country star.” – Katy Perry

“It’s fun watching you grow. Your personality is so infectious. Once your talent catches up with this star you are, it’s going to be so fun to watch.” – Luke Bryan

“Ditto. Standing next to that powerhouse, that’s enough to intimidate you. You came out with it. Believe in yourself, you’ve got the goods.” – Lionel Richie

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Mary Jo

Mary Jo American Idol
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran

Celebrity Duet Partner: Jewel
Celebrity duet song: “Foolish Games” by Jewel

“Something that really helps me singing live, I have to find a physical sensation, so it keeps me in my body. Like pinching my leg.” – Jewel

“Your voice is really good. Her personality is really shining through, and ultimately that is what people fall in love with.” – Jewel

Watch Mary Jo and Jewel’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Mary Jo and Jewel.

“First and foremost, I’m so proud of you. You’re putting together this star quality thing. You came out, you’re your own artist, and it really really worked better than I’ve ever seen you.” – Luke Bryan

“You’re young, you’re fresh and you represented your generation. You stepped into that moment of your life. I’m really proud of you. Continue on.” – Lionel Richie

“You’re legitimately becoming an artist before our very eyes.” – Katy Perry

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Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham American Idol
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Afterglow” by Ed Sheehan

Celebrity Duet Partner: Brandon Boyd

“I’m not really one to put myself out there ever. To do it on national tv is really weird.” – Brandon Boyd

“You’re pushing through a firewall that most people don’t get to do. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? That’s essentially what drive is about.” – Brandon Boyd

Celebrity Duet Song: “Drive” by, Incubus

Watch Chayce Beckham and Brandon Boyd’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Chayce Beckham and Brandon Boyd.

“You have to understand, you have a magical voice when it comes down to being identifiable. We’re out here, look at us, engage us, bring us into that. That’s what makes the performance total.” – Lionel Richie

“You really remind me of Alejandro. This is a real bonafide musical artist. I see you all over, grammys, everywhere.” – Katy Perry

“You just kept this cool thing. On your first song it was spring feet cool. On the Incubus song, we heard you kick it up. Now we know that you have that in your arsenal, the sky is the limit for you, if you can do all that.” – Luke Bryan

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Colin Jamieson

Colin Jamieson American Idol
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars

Celebrity Duet Partner: Tori Kelly

“It’s crazy being back here. A very full circle moment. It feels like it was just yesterday, trying to prove something. I think it’s good to be nervous.” – Tori Kelly

“I think he needs to get out of his head a little bit, and not think too much.” – Tori Kelly

Celebrity Duet Song: “Hollow” by Tori Kelly

Judges comments on duet between Colin Jamieson and Tori Kelly.

“Colin, you look like you play 300 shows a year. Am I at Warped Tour?” – Katy Perry

“What’s really infectious about you, you’re just having fun in your moment.” – Luke Bryan

“I don’t know who told you the secret, I think you might know the secret. You’re supposed to treat the stage like your living room and we just stopped by. Never get tangled up in a mic stand. Attitude will take you everywhere.” – Lionel Richie

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Liahona Olayan American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Just Friends” by Audrey Mika

Celebrity Duet: PJ Morton
Celebrity Song: “Say So” by PJ Morton

“Emotional songs are out of my comfort zone. Vulnerability is tough for me.” – Liahona

“Trying to do it, is counterproductive. What people connect to is you feeling the song. Less head, more heart.” – PJ Morton

Watch Liahona and PJ Morton’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Liahona and PJ Morton.

“You are just so talented. Every time I hear the voice, I think radio ready. Put it on the radio. I loved your duet, harmony in and out for days.” – Luke Bryan

“Do you know how far you’ve come from that little shy person to now? Your phrases, your note placement, the fact that you’re putting it all and finishing with a karate kick. Huge.” – Lionel Richie

“Not only are you radio ready, you are the choreographer, you are the singer, the songwriter. I like you leaning in, it looks good on you.” – Katy Perry

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Ava August

Ava August American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo

Celebrity Duet Partner: Josh Groban

“You’re 15 years old? You haven’t been doing life very long, let alone having to deal with the pressure.” – Josh Groban

Celebrity Duet Song: “Both Sides, Now” by Joni Mitchell

Watch Ava August & Josh Groban’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Ava August and Josh Groban.

“Do you realize you are singing far beyond your age? If this is you at 15, you with your driver’s license, you’re going to be terrifying.” – Lionel Richie

“You are an old soul, and I think your soul is saying, I’m coming back this time, ace this test of life, and become that queen. You better buckle up honey.” – Katy Perry

“I kept thinking on you and Josh’s performance, it’s like watching Judy Garland up there. Your delivery keeps us right there in your hands. That’s stuff that 15 year olds should not be doing.” – Luke Bryan

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Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy American Idol
(ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo performance: Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band
Celebrity Duet Partner: Jason Aldean

“Your song came out when I was in kindergarten.” – Caleb
“You don’t have to bring that up man.” – Jason Aldean

Celebrity Duet Song: “Fly Over States” by Jason Aldean

Watch Caleb Kennedy and Jason Aldean’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Caleb Kennedy and Jason Aldean.

“Luke Bryan told me something about country folk. You have some country listeners that are more mainstream, then you have the AM and the FMs. You are so country you’re going to get all three.” – Katy Perry

“It’s so great to see you get out of your comfort zone. The most promising thing is you sound like you, no matter who’s music you’re doing.” – Luke Bryan

“You’re going to learn as you go how to control who that person is. As time goes on, 16 years old, you have so much promise in your career, I just cannot wait to see where you go with this.” – Lionel Richie

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Hunter Metts

Hunter Metts American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo performance: “Chandelier” by Sia
Celebrity Duet Partner: Jewel

“I didn’t know Ryan Philippe had a brother!” – Jewel

Celebrity Duet Song: “Who Will Save Your Soul” by Jewel

Watch Hunter Metts and Jewel’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Hunter Metts and Jewel.

“The beauty of you is if you have a great night, ok night, not a great night, you still have such an undeniable voice. You give this kid the right song, everyone will know that voice forever.” – Luke Bryan

“On a bad day, you sound like yourself. I need for you to feel confident enough to lean forward.” – Lionel Richie

“You have a little fear in your eyes. You see all these incredible contestants. You’re Hunter Metts, you have a unique voice of your own. You shouldn’t judge yourself against them.” – Katy Perry

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Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop American Idol
 (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Solo Performance: “Decode” by Paramore
Celebrity Duet: Brandon Boyd

“Power pose. Two minutes before you go on stage, find your superhero stance. Your head high, like you’re about to help humanity. These are secrets.” – Brandon Boyd

“Casey is a phenomenal singer. Her voice is a pointed arrow.” – Brandon Boyd

Celebrity Song: “Wish You Were Here” by Incubus

Watch Casey Bishop and Brandon Boyd’s Duet

Judges comments on duet between Casey Bishop and Brandon Boyd.

“What is America going to do? As fas as the talent is concerned, there is an abundance. You are standing on this stage, owning it.” – Lionel Richie

“That voice and that attitude, and that rock. I wanted to see you throw bows, get a little bit angry. You’re singing with grit, embody it next time and I know there’s going to be a next time.” – Katy Perry

“You must listen to Katy, trust what she is saying. Your potential, your voice is so world class, the vibe, walk out there and make it what she said.” – Luke Bryan

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