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‘American Idol’ Finalist Ashley Hess Announces Duet with Jason Mraz + 10 Fun Facts Inside!

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American Idol, Ashley Hess, Jason Mraz,

Ashley Hess will be performing with “Geek in the Pink” singer Jason Mraz in the latest episode of American Idol airing on Sunday.

American Idol, Ashley Hess, Jason Mraz, Ryan Seacrest,
Ashley Hess and Jason Mraz chatting with ‘American Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest. Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless

In a recent Instagram post, Hess was thrilled to be working with Mraz. The finalist believes the singer is the definition of “good vibes” and was inspired to be collaborating together to cover one of his songs, which also happens to be her favorite!

Ashley Hess, Jason Mraz, American Idol,
Ashley Hess and Jason Mraz duet on ‘American Idol’. Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless

Hess first impressed judges when she did a cover of Norah Jones’s “Don’t Know Why” on the piano. After singing for the panel of judges, Katy Perry believed she could win the whole competition!

Judge Luke Bryan noticed during the Top 40 showcase round, that Hess seemed more comfortable singing on the piano than with a live band. Hess may consider the suggestion for her duet with Mraz.

10 Fun Facts About Ashley Hess

  • She is a Dental Hygienist from Fremont, California.
  • She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • She has rode a camel in The Sharjah Desert.
  • Before being on American Idol, she has had the chance meet Usher, Tori Kelly, and Andy Grammer.
  • She’s a big fan of Disney characters and Disneyland.
  • Her original music and covers can be found on Spotify.
  • One of her music influences is John Mayer.
  • She has performed at Baldapalooza.
  • One of her favorite drinks is Diet Coke.
  • She met Taylor Swift’s mom during The 1989 World Tour.
Usher, Tori Kelly, Andy Grammer, Taylor Swift's mom, Ashley Hess,
Ashley Hess mets Tori Kelly, Usher, Taylor Swift’s mom, and Andy Grammer. Photo: ashleyhessmusic/Instagram

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