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American Idol Announces Top 24 Season 19 for Night 1: A Full List & Breakdown

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American Idol Top 24

Tonight’s American Idol episode was called “Showstopper: The Final Audition.”

Lionel Richie had to join American Idol from home because he had a potential COVID exposure.

Instead of Lionel sitting with the other two judges, he joined from home via video conferencing.

This meant Katy Perry and Luke Bryan sat with the contestants to let them know if they made it to the next level or not.

Did Alyssa Wray make it to the top 24 of American Idol 2021?

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One of the first singers on American Idol was Alyssa Wray. Her song was about her journey, “I’m Here” from The Color Purple.” Her voice filled the hall and gave people goosebumps!

Luke Bryan said, “we know you want it” and Alyssa said, “so bad!”
Katy Perry said, “now you’re playing in the big leagues!”

She was able to see her family on the screen to tell them she made it to the top 24. They told her they are so behind her!

Did Jason Warrior make it to the top 24 of American Idol 2021?

Jason Warrior stood in front of Lionel Richie for the top 24 review. Lionel said, “the judges and I have been through more pain and agony struggling through all of this talent.” “What we noticed with you, you give us your all.”

Lionel said, “this is tough for me, because we love you so much, we love all you have given us, I only have one question to ask you, ‘now that you’re in the class of 24 what are you going to do?’”

Yes, Jason Warrior made it to the Top 24!

Did Alex Miller make it to the Top 24 of American Idol 2021?

We didn’t see Alex sing on the Showstopper show, instead it just jumped into the part where they let him know if they got into the Top 24 or not.

Katy Perry asked, “how do you like Hollywood?” Alex said he liked it.

Alex sang “Silver Wings” by Merle Haggard

Luke said, “He’s hard not to watch” and Katy said, “it was a maybe performance.”

Luke told him he’s a little trapped in these older singers and it can be overdone sometimes. He wants Lex to discover who he is.

Alex Miller did not make it into the Top 24.

Once Alex was back home Luke Bryan video conferenced with him. Luke said, “do you remember a certain promise I made you in your auditions? I made some calls to my friends at the Grand Ole Opry and you will be performing there, I might even join you.”

Did Andrea Valles Make it to the Top 24?

Blinding Lights by The Weekend

She went to stand in front of Lionel Richie for a judgement. Lionel said, “we had to decide after all of that we had to decide if it was good enough to make to the next level.”

Katy Perry said, “it was the wrong song, something was not right, but she’s still good.”

“What you did last night wasn’t exactly up to par what we were looking for.” – Lionel

“Do we think you’re ready to go to the next stage? This is tough. The judges and I have made a decision, we don’t think you’re go home.” She made it to the Top 24.

Did Chayce Beckham make it to the Top 24?

“I definitely hit rockbottom this year, I wasn’t taking care of myself and not making good decisions, drinking a lot.”

He said, “do this for me and my family is a big deal. It’s just hard to talk about that.”

He chose to sing, “You Should Probably Leave” by Chris Stapleton.

Katy Perry said, “his voice sounded really shot, he should have picked a more melodic sound.”

Chayce sat in front of Katy Perry and Luke Bryan for the judgement review. Katy perf said, “There’s been something about you, it’s gritty, it’s real, you sound like a guy that operates heavy machinery. Showstoppers was not your finest moment, now was the time to play the ace.”
Chayce said, “that’s the one regret I do have.”

Katy then said, “when you start believing what your parents believe about you and what we believe about you is when you’re going to do whatever the heck you want.”

Chayce Beckham made it to the Top 24 of American Idol!

Did Caleb Kennedy make it into the Top 24 on American Idol?

Caleb sat in front of Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Katy Perry asked, “how do you like Hollywood?” He said, “I’m not too big of a city boy.”

He struggled with his song choice but chose an original song, “When You Leave Tonight” that he wrote.

Katy said to him, “we heard you were going to play a different song.” Caleb told them he wanted to go with an original. “Looking back, I think it was the right thing at the time.” Katy responded with, “right.”

Caleb’s father watched from the wings.

Katy and Luke both applauded. Katy said, “he tried to show off the whole package but he’s not ready.”

Luke said, “we felt the song you chose was a good song, your audition song was much better.” He said, “you will write some good songs and then you will write some songs that aren’t great.”

Katy said, “don’t second guess yourself, God is not a God of confusion.”

Luke said “we’re not confused, you’re going through.”

Caleb made it to the Top 24.

Did Wyatt Pike make it into the Top 24 of American Idol?

“Blame it On Me” by, George Ezra

Wyatt sat with Cassandra Coleman telling her how excited he was to perform with a big live band.

Luke and Katy gave him a standing ovation. Katy said, “he needs a little luck right now to get him over the edge.”

Katy said, “Wyatt, wow, incredible growth before our very eyes, your signature artist is being made right now.”

Luke Bryan said, “the issue is, what dod we do with Wyatt? You’re a little left of center, is that what people at home want? You’re one step closer to be our American Idol.

Wyatt made it into the top 24.

Did Cassandra Coleman make it to the Top 24?

Cassandra said, “having Wyatt by my side definitely boosted my confidence.”

Running with the Wolves by Aurora

In rehearsals she said, “I can’t stop shaking.” She spoke with Bobby Bones and said, “it’s a struggle to stay calm.”

Bobby said, “picture something that makes you feel free, then you will get out of your head a little bit.”

She said, “I want to be able to feel alive, and that’s what I want other people to feel too.”

She walked out onto the stage barefoot.

You hear Lionel Richie shout out “yeah!” during her performance.

Katy and Luke Bryan both stood up after her performance. Luke said, “if she would get totally free, she would just take you on a musical journey.”

She sat in front of Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. When asked how she was feeling she said, “I’m feeling pretty calm.”

Luke Bryan said, “you’re so close to finding that freedom.”

Katy Perry said, “you hold something very unique, very pure.”

Luke Bryan said, “and the other problem is, we don’t want to see you go. You’re in the Top 24.”

Cassandra asked, “how do you guys have confidence?” Katy said, “it’s not something we have, it’s something you have.” Luke said, “let yourself be free.”
Trust that we can see your beauty and the beauty is inside of you said Katy Perry.

Cassandra Coleman made it to the Top 24.

Did Amanda Mena make it to the Top 24?

“All By Myself” by, Celine Dion

She said, “in the other rounds I’ve been showing myself little by little.”

Katy said, “yes!!” and gave her a standing ovation. Katy said, “I want her to know who she is because I can’t see her artist coming through.”

Lionel Richie said, “standing ovation, standing ovation!”

Lionel said, “it’s going to be a no for this time around. On behalf of my fellow judges, we love you, you have the talent, just hone in on who you are.”

No, Amanda Mena did not make it to the Top 24.

Did Anthony Guzman make it to the Top 24?

“This Love” by Maroon 5

Lionel told him he didn’t need a gimmick. Katy danced along as he performances.

Lionel said, “it’s going to be a no for this time around. On behalf of my fellow judges, we love you, you have the talent, just hone in on who you are.”

No, Anthony Guzman did not make it to the Top 24.

Did Beane make it to the top 24?

“What’s Going On,” by, Marvin Gaye

The judges were visibly enjoying themselves throughout the performance.

Katy and Luke both gave Beane a standing ovation.

He stood in front of Lionel Richie for his judgment. Beane said, “I sang the song from my soul and from my heart.”

Lionel said, “Mr. Beane, I only have one thing to say to you, it’s going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood, you’re going on to the top 24.”

Beane made it to the Top 24 of American Idol 2021.

Did Hannah Everhart make it to the Top 24?

Katy Perry asked Hannah, “can you believe you’re even here?” Hangah said, “no I can’t, but I am.” and Katy said, “just like I can’t believe you get ribs from a gas station” and Hannah said, “but I do.”

Hannah sang, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

Katy said, “come on sister from another mister.”

Luke Perry said, “I don’t know if it’s all the way there.”

Katy said, “you’re only 17, I was 17 once, and I had a fire in my eyes which you do, I have a sass about me which you do, and at 17 I didn’t do the work. Know that all that other stuff, the flare, the character, when you want to come a real big time star, comes after. So when I see you next time, will you promise me some ribs? and Hannah said “yes,” then Katy said, “then I promise you the top 24.”

To celebrate, she jumped into the pool in her full stage outfit.

Hannah Everhart made it to the top 24.

Did Graham DeFranco make it to the top 24?

Beautiful War Kings of Leon
Luke Bryan said, “wow I love his voice.”

Luke Bryan said, “I wasn’t crazy about his song choice.”

Graham said, “I gave it everything I could give. He sat in front of Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

Luke Bryan said, “your personality is so infectious, you’re the type of guy I want to go out and have some beers with. That’s an important attribute in being a star.”

Katy Perry said, “you’re not just a soundalike, you are as good as all of them. The moment you stop believing in yourself is the moment it’s done.”

Luke Bryan said, “we have to figure out who is the star, but for American Idol, I have to tell you you’re in our top 24.”

He told his parents “I’m coming home in the top 24.”

Katy Perry told him, “play to win.”

Graham DeFranco made it to the top 24.

Did Murphy Make it to the Top 24?

An original song, “Am I Still Mine” by Murphy

Murphy said, “the only reason my eyes are closed is because the lights are too much.” He shared how he could possibly lose his sight by his mid thirties.

“Last night being on that stage, I felt like I was at home” said Murphy that he could share something beautiful with someone.

Katy said, “we’re seeing you grow before our very eyes.”

After his performance Katy Perry said, “nice Murphy!”

“You delivered the present to us, on your birthday! We want people to win, we believe in you, we brought you to showstoppers. It’s something you need to explore more of. You need to have so much more experience, as Murphy the man with new wings, we don’t want to clip your wings, but we know we sometimes have to deliver unfortunate news. Murphy, we are sorry that we can’t take you forward.”

Unfortunately, Murphy didn’t make it to the top 24.

Did Alanis Sophia make it to the top 24?

She said she was named after “Alanis Morisette.” She said, I think my biggest hurdle was that I was by myself for the first time.” She got on the phone to FaceTime with her mother.

Alanis sang, “Uninvited” by Alanis Morisette.

Lionel Richie said, “Nice!”

Katy Perry said, “that song was a great song choice.” Luke Bryan said, “You’ve kind of been one of those who kinds of surprises us, and says, don’t forget about me guys.”

Alanis Sophia made it through to the top 24.

Did Casey Bishop make it to the top 24?

Casey, from very early on I’ve thrown the “Top 10” number around with you.

“She Talks to Angels” but The Black Crows

Katy Perry said, “15!!” She’s going to compete with Alanis.” Luke said, “her voice is more raw and real.”

Luke said, “here’s the deal, we have both of you here and only so many slots.”

Katy said, I know you want this, I know it would change your life. Alanis, you’re over swinging, stop trying to ace the test.”

Luke said, “You’ve been there, the slots are getting slimmer and slimmer. Now I have to deliver the news of who is going through to our top 24.”

Casey Bishop made it through to the top 24.

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