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Amanda Fuller on Why She Relates to Badison on ‘Orange is the New Black’

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Amanda Fuller portrays one of the most hated characters on Netflix’s hit show, ‘Orange is the New Black‘ but is she like her character in real life?

You can be rest assured that this girl is super different from Badison, according to Cosmopolitan who obtained an exclusive interview with the Netflix actress.

However, she does relate to her character Badison on one instance.  Just hear us out.

Amanda Fuller in 'Cosmopolitan' Interview 2018

Amanda Fuller in ‘Cosmopolitan’ Interview 2018 | Ruben Chamorro for


Amanda shares with Cosmpolitan, “What breaks my heart about her is something I can totally relate to, as a woman and as an actor in this business, is just the need to be liked.

Fuller starts getting sympathetic towards her character as she continues, “We all need companionship and, I think, she’s ultimately alone. And that’s what maybe drives it the most. Just thinking about it more makes me so sad!

Amanda is hoping viewers start to see the good side to Badison.  “I know she’s not the most likable character and she stirs shit up, but I really do think she’s got a good heart and I hope that they can see that,” says Amanda.

See the full Amanda Fuller interview at Cosmopolitan.

Amanda Fuller will be back as Badison for ‘Orange is the New Black’ season 7.