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Alex Rodriguez Responds to Yankee Stadium Wedding Idea

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JLo and AROD on Yankee Stadium Wedding Idea

Alex Rodriguez was recently asked about his future wedding with fiancée Jennifer Lopez. During his visit in New York City, a TMZ reporter asked if the former Yankee player would consider having their wedding at Yankee Stadium.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez,
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez share time with their children at Yankees Stadium. Photo: arod/Instagram

Lopez and Rodriguez both from the New York City area, first met at the Yankee Stadium in May 2005, nearly 14 years ago. At the time, Jennifer was married to singer Marc Anthony.

When asked if he would have his wedding at the stadium, The Yankees advisor and Fox Sports commentator laughed before entering his vehicle. No other comments have been made about the idea.

The celebrity couple have been dating since 2017. They got engaged last month during their vacation together. Rodriguez has even used the hashtag #futuremrsrodriguez on his Instagram account.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez,
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s engagement photo. Photo: arod/Instagram

Besides planning their wedding, Lopez has been working on some projects of her own! She has continued as a judge on World of Dance and still mentors dancers on the show.

There’s no stopping JLo! She released new music this year as well as getting ready for a new movie role. Lopez has been busy filming movie Hustlers with Cardi B and Lili Reinhart. The happy couple have been very supportive of each other’s careers since they first started dating.

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