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7 Reasons Why We Love Alexis Ren & Alan Bersten Together

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It’s official: Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten are together! The Dancing with the Stars duo’s announcement of them being a couple came on the show’s “Country Night” where they shared a romantic kiss on the countryside. We know we’re not the only ones who are excited about this new couple, so to celebrate, we’ve got 7 reasons why we love Alexis and Alan together!

Alexis and Alan on "DWTS" Country Night

“DWTS” duo Alexis and Alan during ‘Country Night’ where they confirmed their relationship. Photo Credit: IG @dancingabc.


1) They share determination and passion. They both admire how dedicated the other is, both on and off the dance floor.

2) They’re not afraid to be vulnerable with each other. Y0u have got to be one brave soul to bare your heart on national television, you know? Alexis did just that last week when she revealed that she was falling for Alan, and he returned the favor when he told her he felt the same way this week.

3) They bring out the best in each other. Alan loves that Alexis brings out his fun side, reminding him not to take life so seriously; and Alexis appreciates how patient Alan is, which makes her want to be that much better in rehearsals and on the show.

4) Friends make the best couples. The two were friends first as they were paired up as partners for the show, which set the perfect foundation for a relationship.

5) They support one another endlessly. Alan has frequently vocalized his support for Alexis on Instagram, and Alexis constantly gushes over Alan in interviews.

6) The eyes have it. If you scroll through their Instagrams or even the ones on the official DWTS page, you can just tell that they like each other. Check out a couple of cute pictures below!

7) They are always in sync. They seem to really understand where the other is coming from. From their communication, to their interviews, and even their poses, this couple is always matching each other. Talk about an amazing start of a romance!

Check out this cute clip of Alexis and Alan reveal why they get frustrated with each other

We cannot wait to see where these two go next and are so happy for the new couple! Be sure to watch Alexis and Alan (aka “Team RenTen”) on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars when new episodes air Mondays at 8/7 c!