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5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch ‘Fuller House’ Season 4 on Netflix!

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Wake up, San Francisco (and everyone else all over the world) – Fuller House is back! The hit Netflix revival released the trailer for their new 4th season, and it’s packed with tons of fun.

We have 5 reasons why you should watch Fuller House season 4 when it returns for streaming on December 14, so keep reading below to find them out!

Fuller House Season 4 Poster

Fuller House Season 4 Poster | Juan Pablo Di Pace Instagram


1) The “OG” couple: DJ + Steve. They are going to give a relationship another try. Who else is #TeamSteve? If you’ve been rooting for them since 1995 like some have, you’re in for a treat. Dates? Surprise visits? Yep, it’s all happening for these two fan favorites.

2) John Stamos & Lori Loughlin (aka: Jesse & Becky) – need I say more?! The ageless duo have some lovely exchanges in the trailer, and their love is sure to continue to be the envy of all couples everywhere. Also, yes, “Jesse’s” hair is still as awesome as ever – props to you, John!

3) Kimmy Gibbler is carrying Stephanie Tanner’s baby. Oh my Lanta! Yes you read that right, folks. Kimmy and Stephanie have become buds in the revival, but we’re betting this will bring them closer than they ever expected.

4) Dance numbers. From the looks of the trailer, DJ and Steve kick up their heels, as does the “She Wolf Pack.” It will definitely be entertaining.

5) And of course, the wholesome family fun you can always count on from Fuller House! As Candace Cameron Bure‘s character DJ says: “We’re a family. They’re supposed to be about fun, celebration, a house full of people who love you.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Check out the trailer for season 4 below to get a look at all the fun in store!

Fuller House’s fourth season will be available on all Netflix enabled devices starting December 14. Happy streaming!